What Is "Materialistic"?

Yet another cold is upon me; I’m as weedy as an allotment that hasn’t been tended for many years – full of weeds, sitting in a weedy patch, feeling weedy.

As I was idly flicking through the upsdowns, downs  and downs  of our day, I began to hanker for something better than politics & Vick’s Vapor-Rub.  And nothing quite beats politics or a cold like 22ct gold.  There’s a correlation there, I know, but I’ll leave it to the likes of the NotW to investigate…whoops!

All my jewellery was sold two years ago and I want to replace it. Most of it is irreplaceable and I’ll never get over the guilt or shame, no matter that some are long gone. Jewellery has a time and a place, just like an engagement ring and a wedding band; it pins you in an era; it brings back music and sandy coves, living rooms and rheumy eyes. Those won’t be replaced but I do like beauty as an intrinsic value, whether it’s architecture, a piece of music, or prose, and I’d like to start again.  I think that everyone should own something beautiful, something that has a value greater than its price.  Something, anything, that we can touch on.

So, what do you think? Materialistic or beauty?

UPDATE: Too late, I already bought them. I don’t know where or when I’ll wear them but I think they’re beautiful.


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