England: Cesspit refuge of the West

Why? Realpolitik, innit.

Our country has the morals of an alley-cat and it begins at the top, with our government and our “representatives”. It’s no good them telling us we’re uneducated, fat oafs who must be chivied into adopting a different lifestyle while they stand aloof from accusation. The majority of our politicians are feckless makeweights; I could probably count on two hands the number of MPs who truly have the interests of this country at heart – and I’m a generous person!

Killers, torturers, embezzlers, rapists and paedophiles are all welcomed into our country by our politicians – whether it’s secretly at top-level as in the case of Yusef Boutros-Ghalli or just as general immigration policy. Heaven knows why we put up with it.

One day, the people will catch on. One day the people will turn around and bite.

I’m sure they will.


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