Sick Of It

What a horrible, wet and sulky day this is. I’m absolutely hacked off with the yeu-know-what, the blatant sovereignty-grabbing and over-bearing need to know about, control and dictate every little nook and cranny of our lives. It’s everything from the proposed Military Command & Control HQ sited somewhere in our little Island – you know the one, it’s surrounded by the sea, a natural barrier against invaders – as a sop to those politicians and military bigwigs who would benefit. I ask you! Headquartered in Britain, initially to co-ordinate operations against Somali pirates and then to build on it. They should grow up, get a life and get out of ours.

This video is in French and I don’t understand half of it but I don’t care. All I know is that they’re at it again, telling us what to do – this time they’re telling us we waste too much food. Now, that’s probably true of some people but not all, and it doesn’t warrant them pushing their sticky little beaks in my waste disposal. Oh – I don’t know though; Herman and Jose Manuel seem to have noses built for sniffing in garbage, ingesting it and excreting it at the other end in a huge steaming pile of horse manure ready to drop on us from a great height.

Daily Express article – Proposed EU Military HQ

Only a year ago Lieutenant-General David Leakey, the outgoing British military chief, said a single EU Military command & control centre was “unworkable”. Well, I’m sure they won’t let that stop them.

If I sound slightly unhinged or ott about this it’s probably because I am. It’s so hard to see their plans coming to fruition after all the warnings on all the blogs. Our msm is bloody (pemf*) useless. Take today’s news for example: the Telegraph’s online front page has no mention of the EU Military HQ on British soil – it’s all NotW; someone won The Apprentice series; Clegg, that well-known visionary and rival to Nostradamus, telling us he foresees another financial crisis (well, duh! He’s almost as good as Brown) and they don’t forget to impart the sparkling news that “Philippine call centres employ more agents than India”, but of the EU-grab, there isn’t one word. As I said, they’re bloody useless.

It’s time they started thinking for themselves and joining dots. Dots like the running down of our own Armed Forces, the closure of Coastguard bases, the money being pumped into the reservist TA and the ambitions of the EU. They’re pretty big dots.

Defence/military is supposed to be a red line issue needing unanimous voting but we’ve seen in the past and learned from experience that our Thin Red Line is getting thinner year on year thanks to the PM (Parliamentary Muppet).  (I think I’ll trademark that – it will give a whole new meaning to PMQs).

* pemf = please excuse my French

IN OTHER NEWS: how do you fancy paying a EUROPEAN LICENCE FEE for broadcast media?  Just another example of the damned stupid proposals they vomit into the air and hope someone’s mad enough to hold out a bucket, catch it and move it forward into reality.

RAEDWALD writes succinctly about how endemic corruption has become the accepted norm.

SULTAN KNISH writes about Failed State Colonisation.  Like I’ve always said – let them have this scept’red isle and we’ll have North Africa; before too long this country will really be a desert and North Africa will be blooming.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I’ve just had a brilliant idea – let the EU military be headquartered in Scotland and that way, when Scotland has the real independence it craves, we can just rebuild Hadrian’s Wall a little further North and wall them all in – but, more importantly, wall us out.  Or maybe not. On balance I still favour colonising North Africa – bagsy Morocco and the Med area, south-facing towards the Atlas Mountains.


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