Blood Pressure Rising

It’s nine o’clock in the morning and the world is still barking bonkers. The press, tv news and twitter are still bursting with indignation about Murdoch and the phone hacking after how many weeks? The coverage has been relentless and escape is well nigh impossible. No-one could downplay the awfulness of voicemails of the Dowler family or families of those bereaved by Afghanistan being hacked into but, as far as I’m concerned, politicians and celebrities can go hang – they’ve got their super-injunctions to protect them. This cosy co-operation and mutual admiration triumvirate of politics, media and police will still be with us if we can spare a few minutes to turn away and look at what else is happening around us.

The IMF is running out of cash, again, and needs further injections of ‘liquidity’ aka money, the eurozone (or ‘EuroLand’ as van Rompuy prefers we would call it) is imploding and the whole sorry tale of forced European integration is about to be decided on the turn of a sixpence.  But apparently that doesn’t matter – what’s ‘important’ is that Parliament has been recalled for further debate (can anyone else remember the last time this happened?) so that Cameron can be questioned; numpty Chris Bryant has said that #hackgate is the biggest crisis to face this country for seventy-five years (where has he been?), and a member of the CM&S Select Committee has called for an urgent investigation and report into yesterday’s #piegate incident.  Where are their priorities?

Core meltdown
Contagion turns systemic
Two-tier eurozone & an EU Treasury
EU moves from Directives to Regulations
IMF calls for pan-EU tax harmonisation
US struggles to avert default

As an aside, take a look at the hoops journalists must jump through in order to comply with the EU’s accreditation scheme. Your name’s not on the list, you’re not coming in!

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