Ever Had One Of Those Days?

I mean the sort of day when it would have been better if you hadn’t turned on the radio or tv news or read any papers? (Today’s previous posts: 1, 2 and 3)

I’m turning off, tuning out and lying in tomorrow, maybe.  Here are some stumblings and gleanings just to round off the day:

Government recruits 2 x £400pd directors for Maritime & Coastguard Agency while axing stations
Government “will assess” insult law – Sec.5 Public Order Act
UK’s AAA rating threatened & a deleveraging nightmare
EU’s “stringent” new rules for banks – ironically less stringent than those the UK has currently
Europe on brink of monetary union
Hannan: The mother of all bailouts

This one’s from the realms of some dystopian parallel fantasy-world (link HERE) :

Finally, it looks as though Our Precious is hiring himself out for comedy videos. He hasn’t had a great news day either:


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