Hey-ho: They’re Still Braying/Videos

I have to admit I switched off, physically and mentally, and took refuge in the kitchen with a nice cup of tea. All the jeering, cat-calling, yahboosucks one-upmanship became too offensive for my ears & brain – rather like being tied down and forced to listen to free-form jazz (Coltrane excepted).

Here are a few notes I made from Cameron’s Statement: “Public Confidence in The Media & The Police” (mention of politicians was inexplicably missed from the title).  They’re all enjoying it and having their day in the sun (petp*).

It will be called the Levison Inquiry, Shami Chakrabati and many other worthies will be on the panel, other police forces and social networking will be scrutinised too (encompassing bloggers).  The BBC was also mentioned.  Announced a shake-up in the structure of the police – foreigners will be taken onboard  for their “expertise” (EU’ers perchance?) and entry levels scrutinised.
Cameron: Knew nothing, was told nothing.  The whole country… blah, blah.  Was asked several times whether he ever had a conversation with Brooks/Murdochs about BSkyB takeover – said there was nothing that he wouldn’t make public and nothing that was inappropriate, so that’s a ‘yes’ then. Referred to Alistair Campbell, in effect calling him a liar but couched in Parliamentary language 
Miliband: Gravely intoned about the Dowler family.  Slow and ripe for mockery with overblown rhetoric.  “Dabbling in people’s souls”.  Labour didn’t confront NI because NI “too powerful”.  Big boy/short pants.
Skinner: Unhappy with Cameron’s response to his question and gave him the finger.
McShane: Another candidate for adenoid removal (from the neck up).
Bercow: Announced “urgent” inquiry into #piegate and said “lessons will be learned”.  Didn’t rebuke Skinner for his vulgarity (in fact he cut short Cameron as he was complaining).  Intervened many times, incl. telling MPs that “the public doesn’t like it” when telling them to be quiet and not get “so excited”.  Wrongly called Westminster “the Mother of Parliaments” – it isn’t, it’s England (h/t Archbishop Cranmer for spotting that one).
Bryant: So up himself he’s in danger of disappearing.
Vaz: *&?**^%!!!
Almost everyone else:  Depraved, evil.

That’s about as much as I gleaned without repeating what a House of braying donkeys they are.  They all seemed to have something to say (Bercow estimated between 136/138 backbenchers had asked questions) and though I didn’t hear it all you can bet your last gold bar that it ran pretty much true to form.  Patsy questions, partisan questions, repetitive questions, obtuse questions, vindictive questions.  I resent the way they stand up to say they know what we’re thinking and are acting in our best interests.    If they’re so telepathic half of them wouldn’t be there, they’d be in jail, and the other half would have pulled us out of the EU by now.

It’s ongoing as I write but you can get the flavour of it.  I’ll post VIDEOS later though doubt we’ll get what I want, which is a focus on Skinner’s hand action.  Here he is, modelling ‘Gent in the English Countryside look’ while promoting bingo:

Cameron’s Statement:

Miliband and b/bench responses to follow.


Comment from LiarPoliticians: “France24 and La7 are the latest copyright a-holes. They claim that a clip of David Cameron giving a statement in parliament on phone hacking scandal is owned by the French. Go f*ck yourselves. The video is owned by the people of the UK, not the French.”

* petp = please excuse the pun


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