All’s well … the best of all possible worlds.

Apparently, the euro is climbing its way back up the dizzy ladder of EuroLand success; let’s hope it takes Sterling with it because we’re so weak.  Inflation is high because Sterling has devalued by abt 30% since 1997.

The markets have deemed this afternoon’s EuroSummit a success because private creditors aren’t liable to pay the price – private creditors are usually other banks, pension funds and the like. It will be down to European taxpayers to fund the EU, the ECB and the IMF: we will pay the price.

I don’t know whether it’s just me but every day as twilight falls I think, “Oh boy! How much longer?” I wonder how long this self-flagellation can continue and hope the festering abscess will have burst by dawn, but, to date, it hasn’t.  I just don’t understand anything any more.  It isn’t logical, it isn’t in the best interests of individual countries, no-one benefits except bankers and those holding gold (silver is rising too). Something nasty is afoot and we really haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

One of my sons has told me, twice, that he’ll have me sectioned if I swap money for gold and silver. I’d like to see him make that one stick. I don’t mind – it’s just that sectioning is for old, mad people and I’m not old.   I  also quite fancy myself as a Cleopatra bedecked in gold, silver, Shalimar and little else save a pair of high heels, a couple of cats and an asp on the side – that could be the new way forward rather than property (have you seen London prices?)

My query of the day is ‘What Happened to Paul Waugh’s tweet about the MPs’ Rounders Match’?  He tweeted that all three Parties took part in an event today and I wanted to know why they were playing rounders when the country is going deeper into debt and the deficit grows larger so  I asked him ‘wtf?’ but it seems it’s now been deleted.

If you’re on twitter you’ll see there’s a disconcerting and increasing trend for our MPs to tweet about opening libraries, new drop-in centres or somesuch – it’s all so very parochial. It really does open your eyes to what our MPs do these days. They all know their place and that place is down-wind of the EU’s Big Society/Localism project aka distancing people from the source of power and control, from those who they elect to represent them. Further and further down the chain we’re going.

Here are some links:

If we know it, why don’t politicians?
Helmut Kohl accuses Merkel & Schroeder
This is good: “2m children vaccinated against diarrhoea and six other killer diseases”
But this is not: Bedbound pensioner gnawed by rats. Died. Of rats. In England.
Ready or not, here we come: The United States of Europe
Geoff Boycott – mmmm…
How bad is it in Greece living with an increased suicide rate and soup kitchens? It’s this bad

The people accuse politicians, as well they might:

Please don’t send them on a ‘How to be a Better British Citizen’ course
16000+ police officers to go by 2015 Perhaps the govt is expecting a downturn in crime.

Here’s an alternative comedian c. 1944

…and I bet no-one gets the sarcasm this time round either. How po-faced we are.


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