Merkel: “Historic day”

As the champagne flutes tinkled merrily in celebration last night, Angela Merkel said:

“What we are doing now is an example for deeper integration – handing over and transferring more competences to EU institutions. This is a historic day.”

Sarkozy was also happy:

“Our ambition is to seize the Greek crisis to make a quantum leap in eurozone government.”

So Merkel is happy, Sarkozy is happy, Barroso is happy, Van Rompuy is happy and Osborne is happy.

Osborne: “The first thing British taxpayers should know is that we have delivered on our promise to keep the UK out of the Greek bailout.”

John Redwood, however, is not happy.

Osborne is either being rather disingenuous or has simply forgotten the doubling of our subscription to the IMF which the government whipped through the Commons, helped by surprise timing, just two weeks ago.  Politicians should realise that just because they state something as a fact, it doesn’t make it true.

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies; some people don’t even have soup kitchens.


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