Under The Radar

When events such as those in Norway take place info is slipped out or goes unremarked in the general cacophony.  One news item that’s being slipped out under cover of darkness is that we now have Regional Surveillance Units. I’m sure we’re all thrilled to know that Police Forces have combined in an effort to make life safer for us all.  Personally, it will comfort me no end to know that these Units have the power to:

“…make it easier for the authorities to bug computers, break into properties and interfere with wireless internet networks as part of countersurveillance operations…”

As one commenter said, “ROFL, you could not make this shit up.”

One other aspect is that regionalisation goes on regardless.  There was one referendum in the North-East that resulted in a vote against breaking England up into nine Regions but governments just ignore it and carry on, as if the referendum had never happened.  Where have I come across that before?  Don’t be lulled into thinking that the European Union Bill with its ‘referendum lock’ will be much different.  For a referendum to be approved it first has to visit the lawyer’s office, then it goes to a debate & vote in the House and Government Ministers will have the final say.  If they all say ‘yes’ then we’ll have our referendum but if one of them says ‘no’, we won’t.

This isn’t really news in that it’s apparently inconsequential and hasn’t been reported:
“We believe that decisions on which flags and logos are worn or displayed at big sporting occasions are for individual competing teams and event organisers to make, not the European Union.”  I infer from Lord Howell’s comment that the government is happy to imply that it disapproves but has effectively washed its hands of the EU proposal that sporting events should fly the EU flag and the flag be shown as a logo on kit.  I could be wrong but I smell someone passing the buck.

The dynamic duo of stalking horses seem to have taken recent criticism to heart:
Carswell: Since becoming an MP, I have come to see how public policy is rarely made in the interests of the public.
Hannan: Climate change, fake charities, nazis and Chris Huhne.

Last but not least is the news that the new head of  IPSA (who took over only last month) is watering down scrutiny of MPs’ expenses.  Perhaps they think we’ve forgotten how fraudulent and corrupt they are capable of being.  Some of us still think that more of them should have been in Court.  Some of us still think that the jail sentences were a joke.  Some of us still think that too many got away scot-free.  Some of us still think that the guilty haven’t paid the price.

PS: I’m glad to see that scientists have found God.  I’m sure Richard Dawkins is delighted.


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