The Euro: An enormous success

Nigel Farage takes Lord Liddel to task about the EU pension he’ll be getting in a couple of years and generally runs rings around him. He also proposes an English Parliament.

The star of the show is an irate member of the public, Joyce from Morecambe, who complains about being denied a referendum. “We did not vote for this dictatorship and I tell you what, I am a fifty-five year-old woman and I would get on the streets and fight to get rid of this.” This woman for PM! Taken from a Radio5 Live i/view earlier this week; it’s a pity it was cut short:

UPDATE: With thanks to Hookie for THIS. The interview can be heard in full on BBC iPlayer until Thursday 28th July.
*I’ve now heard it in full. This section is right at the end and is still cut short but before then we have John Redwood and Bill Cash giving their views too. Worth listening to.


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