A Mixed Bag

Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field,
Let him look up into the heavens and laugh in the bright air;
Let the inchained soul, shut up in darkness and in sighing,
Whose face has never seen a smile in thirty weary years,
Rise and look out; his chains are loose, his dungeon doors are open…


I was going to do some ever-so erudite post on perception, manipulation and the gulf between rulers and ruled but I’m exhausted just considering all the aspects and, besides, I’ve written plenty of not-so erudite posts about it in the past.  Here instead is just a ragbag of thoughts:

The onslaught of the acronym  (or OOTA, as I prefer to call it) shows no sign of  slowing down.  Here’s another one for our growing collection – SPARDA.  SPARDA is Shaping Perceptions and Attitudes to Realise the Diversity Advantage and is a joint programme from the EU and the Council of Europe.  Ever felt like a lab-rat?

Preliminary poll results show European attitudes towards migrants “very mixed”.

“This initial poll serves as a barometer upon which cities can base their information campaigns, running towards the end of 2012. The second surveys, to be carried out after the end of the campaigns, will provide an idea of how much the campaigns have influenced the perceptions of the local communities towards migrants.”

All this is very timely, coinciding as it does with EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom’s latest blog post, Radicalisation on the Agenda.. The EU is launching an anti-radicalisation network in September which will “counter every form of radicalisation – be it religious, political, and ideological.”

Turkey’s EU Minister, Egemen Bagis, thinks he has the answer to nascent anti-immigrant feeling in Europe:

“The seeds of hatred and racism that have triggered these attacks can be destroyed by Turkey’s EU membership…”  Describing the EU as an institution of peace, tolerance and dialogue, Bagis also said the union would miss its chance for peace without Turkey’s membership.

Bagis isn’t the only one to think that expanding borders and more immigration is the way forward.  After Euro-Med there are now proposals for a Euro-Africa.  This ignores the fact that the EU has already opened Job Centres in parts of Africa, but THIS article reports as if it’s only a recent development. Even the BBC reported it as long ago as 2008.  All in the name of peace, love and a globalised economy.

Just as with problems that the EU throws up where the answer is “more EU please”, the answer to immigration problems is deemed to be “more immigration”.  There are no dissenting voices within the EU, no checks and balances, no opposition. No doubt some will cite the debates which take place amongst elected MEPs as evidence of democracy but the Commission need pay no attention to any outcome, even assuming it’s contrary to the Commission’s proposals, and that’s a big assumption. The Commission need only take account and consider the views of MEPs – and then totally ignore them.

The so-called Marxist School of Critical Theory and its helpmates and enablers in Common Purpose are spread through our political institutions (in which I include the police),  the local authorities and the quangos, like a rampant cancer.  Only a society strong in its own identity could not be influenced by such concerted subversive attacks – hence all the questions about ‘Englishness’ or ‘Britishness’ and the media attacks on ‘fat, feckless, workshy, drink-sodden, drug-taking British couch potatoes’ – all intended to replace certainty and assuredness with doubt.

Just links, but linked:
Djanogly, a Justice Dept Minister, hired private eye to investigate his constituents .  This was before the GE which begs the question, why was he elected?
The boys squabble about their jobs  Re-drawing constituency boundaries pits MPs against each other when they should be speaking to their constituents if they want to be re-elected.
Just what we need – another watchdog. Perhaps MPs should be lining up for a job on this quango.
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From the realms of You Couldn’t Make It Up (and why would you?) MoD hires two illegal immigrants to play Taliban

Finally, we’re all going to d-i-i-i-i-e:
Killer seaweed
Monster hemlock

Happiness survey used to locate and destroy cheerful people

Officials say research data will make it easier to crack down on pointless optimism

The Daily Mash

Happy Days!


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