Whose streets? Our streets!

There were two very brief interviews on LBC this morning about the forthcoming EDL march through Tower Hamlets as a response to the current trouble-stirring shari’a fly-posting in the borough, even though this has been going on since at least 2003.

From Sabby Dhalu, Joint Secretary of the UAF and Secretary of One Society, Many Cultures, which was launched in 2009 in  Parliament:

“In light of the Norwegian terror attacks and the links Breivik had with the EDL it would be deeply insensitive to allow a march in such a cosmopolitan area… The EDL stand against all communities… liberals, social democrats, all ethnic minorities… Every day in the week after [the last march] there was an attack on the same street incl an attack on the Labour Party and Asian houses… We absolutely will be mobilising people to voice their opposition to this march.”

Councillor Oli Rahman an Independent representing St Dunstan’s & Stepney Green:

“The EDL promote violence, division, are not welcome in Tower Hamlets… We do not want individuals to come to our borough to divide us… The 3rd September will be a family event, we will not allow the EDL or any other racist group to promote hate against our community… We are not frightened but we do not want the EDL or any other such group to be allowed to come.”

There was no spokesman from the EDL or any other group opposing the ridiculous fly-posting efforts of Choudary and his gangs of thugs.

For those who prefer demonstrations where the majority of marchers don’t wear face coverings there’s a Lawful Rebellion-type protest in Birmingham on the 20th August. Looking at the accompanying video I’d be quite out of place with the dreadlocked crusties and ban-the-bomb types both in dress and in politics. It’s the same with the EDL – there’s no room for me there either with its aura of violence.   Where does someone like me, who believes in core conservative values, go?  (and please don’t say UKIP to me at the moment).

The first message to get out to those protesting is that there is no left and right, there’s only centrist globalised politics, ie the State -v- the Individual, so they’d do better to drop their ‘ban the bomb, protect public sector pensions, lower taxes’ issues and focus on the relationship between the ruled and the rulers.  After that, everything else will drop into place.

One thing is certain: just saying ‘No’ may be a peaceful way of protesting against the mindless aspects of authority and questioning politely is a good alternative to automatically kow-towing to the demands of the State BUT, if it catches on big-time nationally, no matter how peaceful or reasonable the protesters may be, it will be met with repression and violence.  That’s the State’s ultimate answer to everything: stifle dissent and then beat the cr@p out of them.

Finally, three comments from guess where that quite literally make my stomach turn over with disgust:

“The English Flag sends shivers up my spine whenever I see it.”
“Yes, I can relate […] I feel whenever I see an English or British flag, it is like seeing a Swastika.”

Being uneducated goes with the territory with the working class.

We’ve got a long way to go and in the meantime the NWO is right on track.

Flag St George LH

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