Hooray for Harbinger

I don’t know why Harbinger closed his blog but I miss it. He’s still around though; I stumbled upon a comment from him in response to a post by Autonomous Mind and I hope he doesn’t mind that I re-print it in full here:

>>“It is only the political class that keeps us shackled by the bonds of Brussels. If the politicians actually represented us as they are supposed to, they would have already sought our opinion and allowed us to decide if we wish to remain members and acted on our wishes. But the political class acts in its own interest, not ours. They are the modern fifth column.”<<

“This is the problem. The new political class are nothing but lobbyists for the mega corporations and puppets of the elites who seek a one world government. How long has this been going on, that is puppet politicians? Who knows? We most certainly know that we can go back to Heath, maybe even all the way back to Cromwell, but one thing’s for certain, while we have politicians in power the majority will continue in this MSM enduced coma, daydreaming in an unreal world, while the man behind the curtain pushes all the buttons.

“The only freedom that the people of this country and this world have is the complete removal of not just the political class, but the bankers, big business and of course the elites who are pushing all of the buttons and have been for a very long time.

“It’s a game of toss the coin – heads they win, tails we lose. The game is rigged and nobody cared because they’re all kept as far away as humanely possible from the truth. Oh how the elites have played a brilliant strategy. Every base is loaded and the final hitter is about to step up, with a bat the size of Jupiter to an underarm 5 year old pitcher. The only thing that can save humanity would be a crowd invasion as playing by the rules means instant victory.

“There are many within the truth movement who think that victory can easily be achieved yet they forget that the victory is in their minds and their minds only. Many know but still choose to ignore that our society has been utterly brainwashed by the elites, our foods poisoned, given rogue vaccinations, infected with cancers and diseases, being sprayed daily with alluminium and barium, our sperm rate smashed via Bisphenol A poisoning and manipulation of the water supply, our women turned into rampant, anti male/family feminists and our boys walking women with peni. Then there’s the smashing of our indigenous culture where regardless, everyone’s really quite happy being a globalist, part of the group and oblivious to individuality. In other words, although the elite haven’t won yet, technically they have when it comes to complete subversion and control of the overwhelming majority.

“Those who want freedom will have to make huge sacrifices and expect horrendous retaliation by the elites. This battle will never be won on a level playing field ever. TPTB will hold onto power and control because they truly believe they are better than everyone else. They’re psychopaths and will never relinquish their hold over society.”

I find it hard to disagree with most of that and you’ll find those words echoed around this corner of the blogosphere in one form or another but they bear repeating, endlessly, until the message gets through.  Attempts to regulate the internet and blogs, particularly political ones, are well in hand and we need to make the most of whatever time remains.  One possibility being touted is the licensing of blogs – can you imagine paying any government a yearly licence fee?  No, me neither.

As an example of the petty restrictions we’re being conditioned to accept I doubt you’d have to go far to find something else like this: Landlady fined for displaying home-made sign.  She didn’t follow the diktat to display the regulation sign so she’s been fined – note the use of the words “decree” and “violated” in the article.

If we continue to accept  this sort of nonsense, or attempt to laugh it off, then, as Harbinger says, we are a people conquered by our own political class.


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