Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

Wheelie bins – the all-consuming topic of discussion for our age! Somewhere.

When my boys told me their wheelie had been stolen but they hadn’t replaced it because Barnet Council had told them it would cost £85, I had to sit down. £85? Did that include VAT/delivery? Would they like a pint of blood, the hair from my head, the teeth from my mouth as well?

I think they think I was joking when I said I’d phone Barnet and tell them to stick it up their pig-sniffing Gramsci-loving common purpose jumpers – anyway, they said to go ahead. So, I did. After discovering that I could get a replacement elsewhere online for under £50 I picked up the phone ready to do battle with Tom, Delroy or Hari.


Sharon sympathised with me about the stolen bin, did it have the flat number on it? No? Oh, dear. A replacement will cost £31 – no added extras – and delivery will be within 3-5 days. If it’s “a reasonable hour” the delivery men will also ring the bell and alert me to its presence so it doesn’t get stolen again in the time it takes between delivery & me running downstairs to slap paint all over it.

Kudos to Barnet and tips on how to pull up socks for the boys when they get home.


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