I give up; this is all I can trawl through for one day – another three hours lost in trying to keep track of the EU:

Welcome to the Transfer Union. We pay money in, whether by subscription, subsidy or bailout is immaterial: they pay money out.

Merkel and her colleagues have now pushed the doors wide open for a European community based on shared liability. As a result of their decisions, euro-zone member countries will have to provide much greater guarantees for the solvency of countries that have run into financial trouble. In other words, there will now be an even greater redistribution of wealth between the richer and the poorer states.

Yet the likes of Clegg and Clarke continue to call for Britain to forsake Sterling and adopt the euro at some unspecified time in the future.

Here’s another ‘go back to sleep’ announcement from our government  as we’re told “Nothing to see here, hurry along.”

The European Commission today said that there was no discussion of EU bail-outs for Italy, Spain or Cyprus despite concern on the financial markets about the countries’ ability to manage their debts.

‘France’ wants van Rompuy to head member-states in the euro-zone and why not?  If ever a world leader needed something to do apart from flying around the world and writing haikus, it’s Our Precious. Juncker might have something to say about it though… I wonder what he’s done to upset the French govt.

Further proof that Cameron was given the go-ahead by the EC before he signed Britain up to bilateral trade agreements with India earlier this year: EU/India free trade talks at “advanced stage”. 

An introspective EU think-tank asks “should we do ‘less good’ in the world?”  I’ve seen the tangible benefits of their definition of “good” so it’s a resounding ‘Yes’ to that.

More detail emerges about the EU’s contributions to joint-funded programmes in those countries most affected by the collapse of the Euro.

Commission president José Manuel Barroso likened the measures to a “kind of Marshall plan”.
Speaking on Monday, he said, “These proposals are an exceptional response to exceptional circumstances.

“Accelerating these funds, combined with the financial assistance programmes, demonstrate the commission’s determination to boost prosperity and competitiveness in the countries mostly hit after the financial crisis.  This will inject essential funding into national economies while reducing the pressure for the co-financing of the projects by the national budgets.

“I now call on parliament and member states to urgently approve the decision in order to get money on the ground by early next year.”

In case of doubt, that’s money from all the EU member states, not just the euro-zone.  And for those Brits who still deny that we’re not really a part of the European Union and subject to its laws, regulations & directives – we are.

The Commons’ Home Affairs Select Committee recommends that  Turkey is admitted to EuroPol as a sop for having to wait for EU membership.  I didn’t know British MPs knew about the existence of EuroPol let alone could speak its name so how charming it is that they’ve come out of the closet at last.

The EC is drawing up a list of permitted health claims

The European Commission will present by the end of the year a list of permitted health claims on food products for all substances other than the so-called “botanicals,” after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published today a sixth and final set of opinions on the matter.
The Commission welcomes the publication of the sixth set covering 35 health claims on food products (also known as “Article 13 claims”).  This publication marks the conclusion of EFSA’s assessment which started in October 2009 (IP/10/1176).

I hope you’ve all read Article 13.

Greece can succeed, says the OECD.  According to them, Greece’s progress has been “impressive” but “less than perfect.”  Tell that to those taking their cash out of banks, those in the queue for the newly-sprung soup kitchens and those on the verge of suicide.

Only the front page of this one because I haven’t registered: Italy might not contribute to Greek bailout .  Unsurprising when they’re in such straits themselves.  What’s surprising is that our own government persists in ladling out cash – £2 for every £1 cut at home goes abroad.  #Cameron #deathwarrant

Everything is open to ridicule and mockery up to a point and the point, for me, was reached long ago though I do my best. France & Germany consider joint ship-building.  Member states of the EU are making bi or tri-lateral agreements re operations for their Armed Forces and now this.  Can there be anything more obvious?  Tell me I’m deluded; tell me I’m just imagining that the European Union has its own Army, Navy and Airforce capability in its sights at the expense of running down individual member states’ capacity…. 

C’est la vie! What goes round comes round and the IMF is now warning France that its Triple A credit rating is in danger.   That’s probably because French & German banks hold most of the dodgy debt of Greece, Italy, Ireland, blah blah.  (Check out Golem XIV if you haven’t already done so) and let’s not forget Cyprus.

The EU and the US are coming to verbal blows over the EU’s plan for reducing industrial CO2 emissions. I’m giving up the will to live now.

The Council of Europe.  They have pages devoted to ‘Who we are’ and ‘What we do’ but may as well ask ‘Who are we?’ ‘What do we do?’ ‘Why are we here?’

I doubt this will come to fruition but, if it does, look forward to Khazakstani being added to your Council’s translation list.

This one’s pretty rich considering it was an EU directive that began the break-up of Royal Mail and our postal service in the first place.  If it weren’t for the EU we’d still have our high street and village Post Offices.

One liners:
Muslim extremists blow up Egyptian-Israeli gas pipeline after killing seven in El Arish raid
CIA release partial details on Bay of Pigs invasion
Spain also has problems with Islamic countries funding radicals
Government tanks shell Northern Syria – ‘No-fly zone’ on the way?
Northumbrian Water sold to Hong Kong company
Germany, exemplar of wind power, stalls
No Wars, Please, We’re European
Yes, but only if the EU still exists – counting chickens

And, finally, three for the road:
All British wheat bought up in “unprecedented purchase”
China picks up tips on surveillance from UK government
The front page of the EUISS has a vaguely Arabic flavour this week

“Do you have for me a massage?”


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