It’s been a

day: the rain it raineth and the politicos politick. I think the most sense I’ve read today is in The Daily Mash.

The government’s new e-petitions website was very late online and then crashed – up, down, up, down, like Barroso’s eyebrows. From what I’ve been able to make of it so far, the number of petitions calling for the return of capital punishment far outweighs the total number of signatories. What happened to Guido’s 40,000?

Unsurprisingly perhaps, there’s no mention of withdrawal from the EU. I made a submission within two hours of them being accepted but I can’t see it or anything else related to the EU apart from a few calls to repeal the HRA. Many submissions have been rejected – currently 100+ – and at first glance they seem to relate to the BBC licence fee and Formula 1 GP going to Sky.

You just know this is going to be a pig’s ear, don’t you? All those people getting excited at the thought they might have a taste of Cameron’s people power and see the death penalty reinstated in this country are incredibly ignorant of the facts. The EU says ‘No’ and ‘No’ it will remain for as long as we are a member-state. The first step, for almost anything we want to do, whether it’s an English Parliament, restoration of CP or abolishing the BBC licence fee, is withdrawal from the EU – until then, appeals will have no effect.

75-80% of our laws come from Brussels; they’re passed down in the form of Directives which are read aloud in the House of Commons as a mere formality (often with only a quorum present)  and then nodded into law without debate.  If the restoration of CP is ever debated in the House of Commons it will be in the knowledge that this government and our MPs know full well that there is no chance of it succeeding.  It will be a total waste of expense and time and they will have colluded in a charade of democracy.

Successive British governments, from Heath onwards, have tied their own hands, plastered the sticky-tape over their own mouths, cut their own rope lengths and weighted their own sandbags. It’s only now that this is hitting the mainstream and bubbling in the collective awareness of the people. It’s taken a while, mainly thanks to media non-reporting, but we’ll get there and when we do, the politicos who have betrayed us had better watch out for the backlash.

One other thing has contributed to my BDD: I’m dismayed at the number of otherwise seemingly rational people who want a return of CP. They quote “an eye for an eye”. I suggest that if they want “an eye for an eye” they stop complaining about the implementation of Shari’a Law in this country and start reading the Bible they’re suddenly so fond of quoting*.  Some people should think twice before they open their mouths.  The death penalty was introduced by the State in 1707 and finally abolished for murder in 1969.  In 1998, Tony Blair, looking into his own future and deciding it was better to be safe than sorry., extended the abolition of CP to include Treason.  His government didn’t, however, abolish the Law of Treason – because they couldn’t; they could only mitigate the sentence.

Just for the record, again: the EU does have state-sanctioned death penalty in case of riot or insurrection. The link is somewhere on the blog – it’s a footnote of a footnote to a protocol in the Lisbon Treaty, well-hidden but it’s there. Employees of the EU have immunity from prosecution for ‘crimes’ committed while in Office so stop wondering why deaths of civilians in protest situations never result in an officer being given a jail term.  (In case that’s not clear, EU employees have immunity from prosecution of crimes committed while in office – even after they’ve left  EU employment).  No wonder liars, buggers** and thieves are drawn to it like a magnet.

Meanwhile, it’s being reported that another 500,000 Britons have joined the permanently unemployable list, that is those people who aren’t expected to find a job in their lifetime.  The economy is spiralling down the Swannee, the US is on the edge and the European Commission is just hoping that the bailouts to the euro-zone will hold until an EU Economic Government is in place, complete with EU Treasurer.

* “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”
** pemf


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