After weeks complaining that the press were concentrating too much on #hackgate and #piegate instead of the eurozone I find that after two days’ concentrated exposure I’m suffering from boom&bust disease. I’ve just been waiting to see what happens – but nothing has, yet. The markets still go up, down and up while the EU worthies get together via video-link or telephone and then make a statement, and then the markets go down again. I think I might be getting fightorflight symptoms, either that or I should lay off the coffee.

It was only yesterday that Barroso made headlines talking about “unwarranted” developments in the markets and, ironically, spoke about “undisciplined communication”. Today we’ve had Economic & Monetary Affairs Commissioner, Olli Rehn, almost pleading with the markets to be patient, saying that there is a misunderstanding and that “loose talk, fear and greed” are to blame for the crisis – and the Americans, of course, who are always name-checked by Europeans at times like this. It’s ‘playing the blame-game time’ and Merkel, Barroso et al are casting around blaming everyone but themselves and their own policies.

According to a tweet, from this afternoon’s Berlusconi statement in which he announced another meeting of the G7:

Journalist: “Does this mean we will be governed from Frankfurt from now on?”
Berlusconi: “I don’t think so. We’re just reacting to an emergency situation caused by the markets, which act in a way that is completely detached from economic reality”.

Berlusconi’s attitude seems fairly typical among euro-zone leaders.  When the leaders of the EU want nothing less than a politically-integrated federal Union I find it hard to believe that decisions must wait until September as Rehn implies.

Here’s an e-petition to leave the EU – it had six signatories this afternoon when I signed and it now stands at 349.  UPDATE: 6 Aug – there are many petitions to leave the EU – THIS is the one to sign.  No point fragmenting the vote.

In another bizarre poll from Eurobarometer we’re told that 45% of Europeans have confidence in the economy and that a whopping 80% “think stronger coordination of economic policy among EU member states would be effective in tackling the economic situation”. Yes it would, but I wonder if they’ve considered all the implications of fiscal union.

The IMF has said it will stand by Christine Lagarde who faces outstanding charges dating from when she was French Finance Minister in 2008.

Here’s a gesture of solidarity & goodwill between the EU and the rest of the world: barbed wire fence and trench to separate Turkey from Greece.

While this plays out we still have domestic problems, not the least of which is the call to bring back hanging and another one (from the police) for the police to be armed in the wake of the latest shooting.  I tell you, if capital punishment is brought back and the British Police are routinely armed then I’ll just emigrate.  How on earth can a society function when the only people with the right to bear arms are criminals and the police force? Mind you, look at the pig’s ear Parliament made of devolution… …

Reading the Daily Mail isn’t good for your health; you learn things there that other newspapers won’t print, for example:
Torture-obsessed paedophile has sentence cut to 3yrs on appeal
‘Carer’ gets nine months for vinegar tea and smack
Bringing Parliament into even more disrepute. How low can our Parliamentarians stoop? About as low as John Bercow.

Here’s a disclaimer about the EU death penalty for riot and insurrection. I still think they’ve got it wrong. The ECHR also forbids the death penalty but even that has a provision to rescind the clause in certain circumstances.

Somalians and Syrians are still starving and still being shot.

I don’t know, the world’s gone mad, it’s been mad since the beginning of the year – and who are we looking to to resolve this madness? The ones who created it in the first place. So, who’s mad? Them or Us? Globalisation has failed. Government working with multi-national corporations has failed. The last time it was tried it was called Fascism. You get no second chances in life and fascism should be no different. We tried it once and didn’t like it.  I find it very strange, almost amusing, that I and my political views can be labelled “right-wing fascist” but I just think it shows how very wrong we’ve gone.  We do need a New World Order, but not the one that’s coming, not the one that created this mess.


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