Sunday Round-up +

Tottenham riots – story
Riots spread to Wood Green but no media mention. Clothing, mobile phones, electrical goods looted. Kids filling suitcases.
More job losses as Rolls-Royce likely to take new plant abroad.
Home Office frees foreign prisoners instead of deporting them & two have been given leave to stay.
‘Stress-tested’ banks at risk – Soc.Gen and UniCredit Banca.
Cameron: There will be no EU referendum.
Letter from Cameron’s PPS.
Brown: It wasn’t me, Guv – the financial wizard who saved the world blames EU and US.
Govt criticises opponents of new planning regs as National Trust & CPRE mobilise against proposals.
Cameron under fire for not returning from holiday.
If ‘charities’ receive government funding they are not charities, they are an arm of the State.
(1) NPIA on the loose with taxpayer credit card. Costs £3m+ pa and bills amounting to less than £1k “not routinely audited”.
(2) Whitehall on the loose with taxpayer credit card. Fancy touring California in a limo, all paid for by the British taxpayer? Get a job in Whitehall.
The more they screw up, the more we pay them. Booker on rewarding failure & profligate Whitehall spending.
Kerfuffle about RAF’s islamic convert and his views on the holocaust and Libya.
Nick Griffin: The Opera Greer pens an opera after sitting next to Griffin on QT. Sounds riveting.
Morley mugged in jail £3k Rolex is still missing.

The +
The Talking Clock has picked up on the government’s Bill of Rights scam and has written the perfect open letter.

The government says it has weeded out e-petition duplicates but I counted at least 6 calling for withdrawal from the EU. This is obviously fragmenting the vote. The two petitions currently at Nos.5 & 7 would have 10,000+ votes if they were combined. THIS is the one to sign.


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