Don’t come looking for me

“In twenty years time when the streets are running with scum and you are afraid to walk the streets, don’t come looking for me, I won’t be here thanks to you and your type; by then it will be too late, the scum will rule.”

That was a quote from a fictitious character, talking to Lord Scarman. Unfortunately, the following isn’t fictitious:

“Television in this country is used to cast a mantle over disorder”:

“Month after month we have had Ministers coming to the House of Commons and declaring themselves opposed to Community policies; why, they positively encourage the House of Commons to vote against those policies. Then they go off to Brussels and, presently, they come back, having agreed to those very policies, wringing their hands and saying, “We don’t like this any more than you do but we had to accept it because it was part of a package.”

“Parliament is shortly going to be invited to authorise the representation of the electorate of the United Kingdom in a Parliament of the EEC. The government claim to have discovered that we are morally and legally bound to do this in accordance with the Treaty of Rome to which we acceded by the Treaty of Brussels in 1972, though it’s a most extraordinary thing, and highly convenient for the hi-jackers, that this remained unmade or at any rate unannounced, not merely until after the exhaustive debates in 1972 when the European Communities Bill was forced through the House of Commons by means of the guillotine and the grace of a handful of Liberal MPs, but until after the referendum in 1975.  Was it not extraordinary that no-one should have happened to mention to those who might have been considering voting ‘Yes’ that thereby, incidentally, they were approving the principle of a directly elected European Parliament?”

“Already, Parliament in 1972, has conceded to the Community the right to legislate and tax and determine policy over the head and behind the back of the House of Commons.  Already, so the judges have told us, the law of the Community prevails over the law of the UK in case of conflict.  The sphere within which these competences are exercised by the Community can, at any time and any state, be enlarged by no more than one debate and a single vote in Parliament.  Can anyone but a fool seriously suppose that if the Community. already thus equipped, is endowed with the authority derived from a body which directly represents the total electorate, the elected bodies of the member states will not shrink and shrivel under the spreading shade of a European Parliament, Commission and Council.  To that, increasingly, our Ministers and Governments will look and not to the Provincial Assembly which our once all-powerful House of Commons will have become.  It would be equally a mistake to suppose that this result will be unintended.”

“No politician can restore to a nation a spirit which is lost or a pride and personality which have departed from it. What politicians can do, if that spirit still exists and that pride and personality are merely latent and not exinct, is to show the nation when the time to exert himself has arrived and when the opportunity is present. The coming months, until the threat of a super-Parliament is averted, will be such a time.”

I know it’s raking over old coals and it’s controversial but the man was right. There were marches in the streets in support of his comments on immigration but it made no difference to his fate.  Heath kicked him out of the Conservative Party and, in hindsight, it’s more likely to have been for his views on the European Union than immigration.  Nothing has changed and if the English people were truly served by their “public service” broadcasting media and their governments they wouldn’t now be afraid to get out on the streets and reclaim them from these out-of-control looters.  If the police can’t, the people must.  We don’t need the Army, rubber bullets or water cannon, not on English streets.  What we need is the collective will to confront our government and judiciary about these problems and a willingness to see off these youngsters by ourselves, for ourselves.  Let’s leave the State out of it; they’re the ones that created this mess.

UPDATE; He’s not exactly another Enoch Powell but he’s the best we have.  I hope I never see the Army on English streets, let alone taking orders from the head of ACPO:


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