An apology

Comments make a blog and there have been some fantastic comments here with many interesting links but … Disqus has to go … Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, usually it’s just a pain in the behind.

I don’t want to lose the comments but Blogger seems to have no way of importing them once I ditch Disqus.  I’ll try once more to re-import but if the blog vanishes, or re-emerges without comments, you’ll know what’s happened.

If it doesn’t work then to all of you who’ve commented on the Disqus system I say ‘thank you’ and ‘come back’ – the blog really wouldn’t be what it is without you.

UPDATE:  Gone.  I’m so sorry. (On the plus side, the page loads much quicker and I won’t be getting any more emails saying the comments system is down 🙂 )


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