Cameron’s Statement + Updates + Videos

For what it’s worth.

Packed House, usual courtesies. Completely unacceptable. Whole House condemns. Whole country shocked. Criminality pure & simple. Absolutely no excuse for it. “We will not put up with this in our country” We will do whatever it takes to restore law & order and rebuild our communities.”

Mark Duggan – questions to be answered. Being investigated by IPCC.

Opportunist thugs in gangs. No justifiable causal link. Not abt politics or protest it was abt theft.

Thanks police. Too few deployed and tactics not working. Treated as public order issue rather than crime – faced a new unique challenge.

Govt acting decisively to restore order on our streets, support victims, look at deeper issues.

1200+ people arrested across country. Making use of cctv. No phoney human rights concerns abt publishing photos will get in way of bringing these people to justice. Anyone convicted should expect to go to jail. Courts will have necessary sentencing powers.

Nothing shd be off table, every contingency shd be looked at. Rubber bullets, water cannon, army. Are tasks army can undertake to free up police for front line? Stop people communicating via websites/social media/ tv. Facemasks. Police given power to request removal under any circumstances. Dispersal powers examined including possibility of curfews.

The fightback has well & truly begun but we will not stop until …

Victims mentioned. Damages as result of riot. Riot Damages Act invoked so even those not insured can claim. New £20m high street support scheme. Business rate relief. Tax payments deferred. Stop liability for council tax and business rates. Protective shutters/planning regs. £10m recovery scheme for councils to make areas safe, clean, clear. Govt will meet cost for families made homeless.

Responsibility for crime always lies with the criminal but crime has a context. Not poverty but culture which glorifies gangs. Neglect, immorality, irresponsibility. Benefits system. Discipline in school. Action to deal with disruptive families. Justice system.

Street gangs. Boston, USA and Strathclyde, Scotland referenced. Gang injunctions. LAs and landlords evict perpetrators and will consider whether to strengthen powers. Report to Parliament due in October. Bill Bratton, former Los Angeles police chief.

Time for country to pull together. The fightback has begun, we will protect you, we are on your side. To criminals, we will track you down, we will find you, we will charge you, we will punish you. A Britain that doesn’t give up but stands up, a Britain that doesn’t destroy, but builds.

Miliband up now, standing shoulder to shoulder.


UPDATE(s): I was going to do the same for the debate but I’m inexplicably unenthusiastic about reporting what these sanctimonious lacklustre lickspittles have to say.

David Miliband’s nose was put out of joint when he asked about the govt’s wisdom on “elected Chief Constables” and was told there were no such plans.  (Plans are for elected Police Commissioners/Sheriffs to replace the unelected Police Authorities).

Robert Flello, a Labour MP, made history by appearing in the House in shirt sleeves.  I’ve never seen it before and there was an undercurrent of muttering against him – Bercow said Flello had done nothing “disorderly”.

That scurvy, lumpen, sulky, no-mark of a toxic-waster Gordon Brown was nowhere to be seen.

Cameron on social media, face masks etc:

Yes, I’m cheating; I originally posted the main section, minus updates, at mid-day.

Sir Peter Tapsell:


Miliband Minor, standing shoulder to shoulder and Cameron’s response:


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