The Turning Of The Screw

My purple hat, which I dusted off in case I needed a snack this afternoon, has been put back in its box and awaits a different day.

Amidst all the platitudes it was clear that Cameron & Co do mean to be “robust”, “tough” and “protective” – and to be cruel to be kind. I’m not talking about evicting tenants who took part in the riots and looting nor cutting their benefits (in fact, I’d like to see them try – I suspect they know it’s a waste of time and money because of the HRA).  So, no, Cameron isn’t going to be robust on these rioters and looters, but the government will look at laws to ensure that future potential rioters and looters, or what the political classes deem to be such, are thwarted.

Why must tptb conflate peaceful protest and looting rioters? Even the Met Police admitted to doing that – they stood back and because they couldn’t kettle they watched rather than go in and stop and arrest.  They took photos and relied on cctv instead of stopping criminal activity.  I think that says a lot about the depths to which our Police Force has sunk under the rule of ACPO.   Protesters at political demonstrations are just that, political; these riots were nothing like it and the two shouldn’t be confused. One is valid, the other is not.

So, we come to shutting down social media in the event of’ riots’. Does anyone seriously think, for one moment, that this will be restricted to the type of criminal activity we’ve seen over the past few days? No, you know damned well it won’t; it will be extended to included political demonstrations too so the next time you’re on a Countryside Alliance march or a protest against badger-culling just think about yobs setting fire to homes and businesses as you’re hit by the rubber bullets or water cannon.

Watching Cameron’s statement, the responses and questions this afternoon, I was struck by how he spoke forcibly about punishment and jail terms for those convicted – and it’s true, some have received prison time of 8 weeks here, 6 months there. However, as time went on he became a little less dogmatic – he ended up talking about “possible” prison terms and effectively passing the buck to the Sentencing Council.

I’m an Amazon regular but I’m having second thoughts after reading THIS. It seems that following the government and Met Police lead they’ve arbitrarily removed from their shelves anything that could be used as a weapon. Being English, I suggest that we all take up cricket or, if you’re feeling particularly cosmopolitan, you could go HERE for your kubotans.

On another matter, I was glad to see the BBC forced to change tack and stop calling the looters “protesters”. They really are the pits. I wonder how they’ve spent their EU loans and grants for this year.

And on to the EDL. If they want to be taken seriously by the mainstream they’ve just shot themselves in the foot. Footage of gangs of white youths and men marching around town centres and shouting “E-E-EDL” or “Enger-land” has robbed them of any credibility they might have gained. Yes, I know the media is selective but it’s the fact they did it and thought it was acceptable in the first place. It isn’t. That sort of behaviour is just as bewildering and frightening to the majority of the English as out-of-control looters.

I’m sick of this country where people applaud the idea of using rubber bullets, let alone live ammunition; of dousing protesters with water cannon a la continental; of cutting off the hands of thieves, of calling for the death penalty.  None of these will happen anyway, not unless the government of whatever stripe in cahoots with the EU wants it – so, stop calling for it.  We’re English for God’s sake, not some backwater African dictatorship where Islam, Shari’a and the bullet rule.  I’d rather sit them down with a cup of tea, a cucumber sandwich and then pack them off to boot camp on some isolated island run by ex-Forces, never to be seen again until they were ready to join society.  Oh, I forgot, we are the isolated island.  Dammit, there goes my theory.

PS One other thing. Bring back the right to bear arms for all law-abiding people. We should never have been stripped of that fundamental right of self-defence. Now, I suspect, the pendulum has swung too far for it to ever happen but no-one created those conditions except the politicians themselves.


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