Starkey: "Flames Lambent"

David Starkey created waves on last night’s Newsnight as he spoke of white culture becoming black, Enoch Powell and “flames lambent wrapped around Tottenham”. He was even verbally attacked for using the phrase “these groups”.


6 responses to “Starkey: "Flames Lambent"

  1. How the truth hurts the lefties.

  2. It's the usual tactic of responding to something that hasn't actually been said. They hear what they want to hear and form their arguments around that. It cuts off proper debate so doesn't do anyone any favours in the long run.

  3. Trouble is, he's mostly right. Although I would argue that both black and white youffs are emulating “American Gang Culture”. Let's be honest, the Black “US” gang culture has become glamorous. Ross Kemp and his ilk did not help matters and the constant rap and gangsta music industry helps even less.

    You're all going to hate me for this, but it's the truth, those white boys he's referring to were called “Woggabees” where I came from.

  4. No-one's hating you for that! The thing is he wasn't given the room to develop his reasoning – we might know what he's getting at, albeit not very well expressed, but all people are talking abt this morning are “whites turning black” “blacks to blame” – which isn't what he said at all. You're spot on about American gang culture.

  5. People are enjoying twisting the knife in this one. Left and right wing. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

  6. He's the supposedly anti-establishment's favourite kicking dog – always has been. You know if he's on a panel (like QT) he's there for the laughs and the outrage the following morning. It's pathetic. Nothing will ever change when the real issues aren't debated – and the left won't let them be debated. He was invited and introduced as an historian not a commentator on contemporary rioting. Perhaps they thought he'd mention Peterloo? It's been a really cr@p week.