Sticks, Stones & The EDL

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I think the commentary seeking to justify and explain the riots has shown the true division in society: the enormous gulf that exists between the politicians & the media and the rest of us. As I watched Gavin Esler on Newsnight do his piece to camera last night I wondered why he claimed “we” were so surprised, who were this mythical “we” and who were the “we” who didn’t know where to go from here?

It’s only the likes of Esler and the politicians who’ve apparently been taken aback. Anyone who doesn’t use the msm as the Authorised Bible of Authentic News wasn’t surprised at people kicking back. The targets were what shocked – the ages of those involved, the local businesses and neighbours’ homes; the thoughtless endangerment of people’s lives.

Esler’s “we” shouldn’t have been surprised to see the police stand back and take pictures either – that’s the preferred method of policing according to ACPO, the private limited company that runs the police force service. Sit back and let the CCTV take the strain seems to be Hugh Orde’s motto and to think this man could very well be the next Met Police Chief. Anyone saying the police hierarchy weren’t politicised under Blair & Blair (now Sir Ian) is wrong.

Going back a few days, when we heard news of Turks, Indians, Greeks, Asians, defending their “areas” I applauded it while biting my tongue at some of the language used – we certainly do need to take back our streets and clean them up after the mess. We do have a right  in Common Law to defend our families, homes and neighbourhoods and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you.  However, when the English went on to the streets of Enfield and Ealing and were roundly condemned by all and sundry as EDL yobs I posted a question on twitter. “Why is it ok for Sikhs, Turks and others to protect themselves but when white English do it they’re condemned as #EDL thugs?”.  I thought that was a reasonable question but I was immediately inundated with abusive twits/tweets and added to the watchlist of someone called @moronalert – no debate, no argument, just judgement. I told the chap he was an idiot and left it at that. He knows nothing about me so I’m really not that bothered but I mention it because it typifies the way some people have of closing down debate. That twitterer didn’t want to discuss anything, he just wanted to label me because I mentioned the EDL.

That’s pretty much what’s happened to David Starkey after last night. He was allowed to give half a statement and was then interrupted, his protestations that what he’d said was being wrongly interpreted were drowned out and he was generally treated like an idiot, even by Maitlis – so why did the BBC bother to invite him in the first place except to cause controversy and set up a whipping-boy.

Earlier this week, the Talking Clock asked Are these riots and looting sprees an act of subversion? He gave links to back up his assertions.

THIS has also come to light:

“Within ten minutes of the mention of Duggan’s name by the Socialist Worker Party activists, one of the youths – whipped up into a frenzy by the Socialist Worker Party protesters – had grabbed an expensive-looking TV camera from one of the gathered journalists and smashed it into smithereens on the street floor.

The youths started to look menacing. They brandished sticks. They too began to shout. They joined in with the Socialist Worker Party chants and taunted the police. The mood had turned toxic.

The police started issuing public order warnings across a loudspeaker.

Still the Socialist Worker Party protesters swore and chanted – urging the youths on.

Only when the scene actually turned violent did the Socialist Worker Party members disperse – their banners and SWP paraphernalia bagged up for another place or another day.”

At the moment, with few exceptions mentioned in previous posts (Delingpole, Oborne) the media is directing the debate and steering it towards a conclusion.  It isn’t an open or honest debate, it’s one proscribed by those who try to manipulate and direct our lives and our thoughts. 

Cameron picked out the EDL for particular opprobrium in Thursday’s statement but apart from the media reports of them gathering and marching down streets chanting slogans  (to which I’ve already referred and condemned) I’ve seen nothing else.  I’ve heard nothing about English people, white English people, protecting their homes against the looters and being applauded for it, yet there must have been many.  How can those who praise Sikhs for waving their swords around at the same time condemn the English with baseball bats?  (I’ve already written about Amazon refusing to sell them).  It’s hypocrisy and double-dealing.

Reporting is very selective.  See this for example:  Protester fined for Nazi salute and this on censorship: The disappearing video. This is just going to get so much worse; the media reporting has been telling us that it’s okay for anyone to protect their homes except the white English – and those are their distinctions and divisions, not mine.  They’ve set the ground, not me.

An ideology can’t wipe out a national collective psyche with words – there’ll always be something that whispers of being “English” – perhaps The Reeds of Runnymede will stir again.  Cameron and his advisors should learn from history that you don’t double-deal with the English.

Watch the language on this one:

UPDATE:The link to the article about the Socialist Workers’ Party and UAF involvement in the Tottenham riot has been removed and the account suspended.  Strange times.


10 responses to “Sticks, Stones & The EDL

  1. “It isn't an open or honest debate, it's one proscribed by those who try to manipulate and direct our lives and our thoughts.” Exactly the nastiness of our pathetic Government. Well, as directed by the EU.
    As ever, a splendid post, GV and we must keep up such blogging until one day we will be heard.

  2. This just about sums things up methinks…We're all Waayycciisstt!

  3. I think you'll find your link to The Westminster Journal has disappeared. I saw what happened, I was there you see. However, the SWP are merely the foot soldiers, it's the people behind them whom we study.

    BTW what is this 'white' English, racially the English are Northern European, an ancient race of the Continent.

  4. It is interesting the double standard. We get the same thing in America.

    BTW- I think the video in the sidebar is great.

  5. @Don'tgive up… Thanks for the link – an interesting one. At least people are noticing and commenting on it now.

  6. @Anony – I wish you'd choose a name. The Westminster Journal article didn't last long did it? At least plenty of bloggers have clips from it.

    I was just trying to make a point with the “white English” comment. The fact is they are seen as a threat when they group together – unlike the media acclamation of, eg the Sikhs and others in the news at the same time. It's just not logical.

  7. Hi OR – yes, the media is steering the debate, as usual. It's best to avoid it as much as poss. really.

  8. Hi Tres, I think it's a global reaction dictated by global politicians and global media. Every country is probably feeling it.

    The video is from Max Farquar (he's in the sidebar if you want more).

  9. Thank you Trestin, that's appreciated and you've put me in good company 🙂