The Red Arrows

Comments & reactions in the DM this morning made really depressing reading for me. Take the following three for example; the one from Fred in London is especially pertinent and I can hardly believe that seven witless people have given no thought to what he says:

Pick a family without young children in the house to make an example of. I agree people must be aware of the consequences of their actions to those around them, but no good can come of evicting an 8 year old!
– Dave, North Sea, 13/8/2011 3:00
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This man has NOT been convicted and has plead NOT GUILTY. Regardless of whether or not you believe in his is innocence, he is innocent until proven guilty. Throwing his family out of their home under such conditions is against their rights. And when I say that I mean those rights first described in English law by the Magna Carter (Clause 29 ‘Right to due Process’.) I know everyone (including me) is angry about these riots and the scum bags that were responsible should be seen to, but let’s all calm down and think things through rationally. Then act decisively. Otherwise we’ll end up in country where the army polices all demonstrations, free access to the internet is banned and people are punished by the government without actually having had a trial.
– fred, london, 13/8/2011 2:58
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When a desire for justice or retribution results in a mother and 8 year old child being evicted and made homeless, the baying mob is breaking the social contract as well. I fear a sense of decency and proportion has been lost.
– Go(l)fer, Manila, 13/8/2011 2:57
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I can understand why some politicians think that the opinions of voters shouldn’t be given credence and that they’re not fit to be entrusted with referenda.  I wish people would think before they chip in with their knee-jerk reactions and advocate what should never be advocated if we want to live in a free and fair society.

For what it’s worth I agree with all three comments and think Cameron and the government are equally culpable.  Talk of the army on the streets, shutting down media communications, the further demonisation of the EDL while he tolerates the UAF/SWP, MAC, Commissions & Inquiries and so on, won’t give us quiet, effective, well thought through solutions that we need.


5 responses to “The Red Arrows

  1. innocent until proven guilty has long ceased to be relevant in the disunited queendom.
    look what happened to the hand-gunners.
    the subjects of the DUQ have long since accepted the “truth” of guilt by association.

  2. Hmm, not to sound too reactionary, but what social contract is destroyed by pandering to illegal behaviour. Rights have attendant responsibilities. For too long this basic premise for an orderly society has been ignored by the liberal-socialist elite.

    To sound even more reactionary: why is it my problem? Why do I have to pay for this? I have been unemployed twice in the last two years. I don't expect you or the gvt to bail me out. It's my responsibility to find work and look after my family not yours or the state's.

    We know that the families will be re-housed by a different housing association so even this sanction doesn't really have any weight.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your other points re the army, communications, the EDL v UAF treatment etc but would suggest a change to your tag image to read: Socialism removes responsibility.

  3. @ Anon we've seen the increasing tendency of laws to incriminate the previously law-abiding majority, whether it's by fines or cautions/criminal records. CCTV, snoopy neighbours reporting to govt – all have been encouraged and accepted. Even double jeopardy for crimes before 2005 has been introduced. It's a slow erosion.

  4. Hi Bil – not my words, but his – I included it because of his last sentence. I do think the majority of the commenters and 'red arrowers' are losing a sense of proportion. They're not stopping to think or apply it to other situations.

    The point of the post was that this alleged looter hasn't yet been before a Court and found Guilty. Innocent until proven guilty is a basic of Common Law yet the Council has already issued an eviction notice on the family – a family that includes an 8yr old. The boy has to go before a Court and be found guilty before any such notice can be issued – even then it won't stack up once lawyers get their teeth into it.

  5. Understood and completely agree. We have not yet ceded to corpus juris. Matter of time imho, but give me the body still should hold sway. Innocent until proven otherwise.

    Far too often in our 'judicial' system immediate fines and other sanctions are handed-down without 'judicial' oversight.