Sunday Round-up

A third of rioters were already on parole or subject to a community or youth rehabilitation order.
Orde slams Cameron’s decision to appoint Bratton as advisor. He maintains it’s better to look to the European model rather than American.

Calls for referendum on the EU intensify. Pressure increases after Cameron & Osborne back strong fiscal union within EU.
EuNavFor seeks “pirate cultural advisor”. If you have a wooden leg and a parrot the EU has just the job for you.

The most powerful man in Britain Sir Gus O’Donnell, Head of the Civil Service refuses to release info on abuse of government procurement card.
The witch-hunt against Starkey continues and Nick Griffin is amongst those stoking the fire.
John Redwood: Check your change JR advises British tourists to dump Greek euro notes.
12 Atos Healthcare doctors could be struck off GMC investigates allegations of improper conduct involving disability benefit claimants.
War Memorial given protective cage after being defaced by vandals who scrawled ‘Kill the Brits’. “This area has a lot of Asian young people so in a sense you would expect that.” Really?
New Libyan Ambassador says Blair can’t be trusted Ties to Gadaffi dent any credibility he might have had.
Osborne paves the way for axing 50p tax rate. Claims it’s “counter-productive”.
Pipe-bomb in Londonderry Violence flares again in Northern Ireland.
75,000 new homes destined for Green Belt Shake-up of planning regs allow local authorities to redraw boundaries.
Hitchens says ‘I told you so’ The Left are finally forced to confront the abject failure of the policies they created.
Senior NHS staff in the spotlight Conflict of interest row brews about acceptance of freebies from drug companies – and we’re not talking about a pen and a desk diary.

No more Silly Season
QE exacerbates gap between haves and have-nots
The price we pay for abandoning the Gold Standard
CCTV captures first flight of osprey chick
Inspiration – the WI are doing it for themselves
An activity less ordinary

RIP Robert Robinson 1927 – 2011

England are No.1

LATE ADDITION: American gang culture fuelled the riots. An article that vindicates David Starkey’s views.

“In Birmingham, a reporter took a drive through the contested turf of its working-class west side, a hodgepodge of cramped red-brick rowhouses and gray-concrete 1960s tower blocks where rival Caribbean and Indo-Pakistani gangs long have been at odds. Their feuds have sparked at least four riots since the 1980s.”


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