What They Didn’t Say

Jaded but not resigned:

JADED, adj: made dull, apathetic or cynical by experience.
RESIGNED, trans.verb: to give (oneself) over without resistance

Here’s a rather good example of the use of the word “jaded’ which seems quite relevant today:

“Oh, yes, mate, they’re all jaded here now – their last gasps of innocence sucked out of them by Olympic pharaohs who at first played a blatant game of bait-and-switch with Games tickets, furtively putting aside vast quantities of the best seats to sell to fat cats at higher prices.” Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated, 11 Sep. 2000

Any country that wants to host the Olympics needs its head examining given the amount of corruption that goes on.

Cameron says that Human Rights Laws have had a “chilling effect on society”. He fails to address the point that it’s the interpretation of the Human Rights Act by our own judiciary that has done this. It’s all tied up with the UN, the Council of Europe, the EU and our own justice system. Cameron can rest his newly-acquired paunch on the Despatch Box and speak as many conciliatory words as he likes but the fact remains that he can’t change anything without addressing fundamental issues – issues which he chooses to ignore. The review he’s set up to look into it will be able to do very little that’s meaningful and it will end up costing a great deal of money for little of value.

Miliband is just as bad. His wheedling voice, which the adenoid op for ‘sleep apnoea’ doesn’t seem to have improved, beseeches us to understand what lay behind the rioting and looting (not fourteen years of Labour policies, obviously). It’s the poverty, the deprivation, the lack of integration and Maggie Thatcher.

Neither of them spoke of the last forty years of state education, of encouraging a compliant media or a soporific electorate; they haven’t spoken of the politicisation of the Met under Blair & Blair nor of the re-defining of parents and a family.  Neither of them dared speak of the role of the EU or the ECHR.  In another world they’d be strung up for their lies and evasions but I’ll settle for voted out.

How many Common Purpose graduates, legal and EU advisers are employed by central and local government? ‘More than enough’ is the answer. Common Purpose, the Third Way, Communitarianism, Agenda 21/Health & Safety (a conceit of the UN) and let’s not forget our very own EU – the trial-by-fire experiment of the UN/NWO. Forget conspiracy theory: it’s real and present, now. Somewhere on the blog is a post about ‘Cameron’s’ National Civilian Service for youngsters (but I’ve no idea where it is now) with links to show that, as with his Big Society, it isn’t his idea at all but has been fed down from the UN and the EU.

Speaking of Common Purpose, I wonder if Recorder Farook Ahmed has been on one of their ‘Leading Beyond Authority’ courses.


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