Just…nothings really

Nothing important is happening; we can all go back to sleep, or sport, or work, or clubbing, or tv, or… blogging…

I’m sorry if the tenor of my increasingly infrequent posts has been rather downbeat of late but, as the cookie said: that’s the way the ginger snaps.

Did you know that you can now have a book of your blog? It would be something for history to burn as the victors write the alternate version. It’s expensive but I’m thinking of doing it, if only to have something tangible to bury with me in my grave apart from the Shalimar and the jewellery, because, for sure, I’m not going to be taking any riches to Heaven… or the other place… The way my life’s been going lately I’ll probably end up in Hell having to bow down before a portrait of Edward Heath for eternity with Mandelson spitting split-tongued flames and suitably pitchforked-up, prodding my behind if my forehead doesn’t greet the ground within the prescribed EU millimetre.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are some gleanings from the blogosphere and msm which, taken individually, might not mean much, but if you put them together they add up to quite a lot:

I’m worried about THIS sort of thing. On the one hand we’re told the roots of the riots were unprecedented but, on the other, we’re promised “robust” action to deal with them in future. Just what sort of riots does the government think there might be in the future that requires new legislation? Apart from the fact that the economy is going down the Swannee, that the jobless total is going up, that inflation is rising, that politics isn’t geared to help the Man on the Clapham Omnibus but those who have the wherewithal to climb the greased ladder, what could our government possibly have to be concerned about? I wonder what future scenarios they envisage as they group-think their think-tanks around the rosewood-veneered executive-style table.

The man who blew the Peter Principle out of the water with his meteoric political career thinks that everyone with a big house is either cheating the taxman and that his criminal record isn’t a matter for polite debate. Btw and fwiw (see how ‘Hip’ I’m getting) this man isn’t English, Spanish or Dutch – he has no allegiance to any country except the EU.

I worry about THIS too. I think the police should be respected, not feared.

Our friends in Ireland, and we have none closer according to Osborne, are calling for the Financial Transaction Tax to be EU-wide. Osborne disagrees; he thinks it should be a global tax. How convenient for him that Merkel not only agrees but led the way before scaling down and agreeing today to an EU-wide ftt. This is a spider’s web of deceit and poker-playing.

Here’s an interesting article from Spiked Online who ask when did it become laudable for everyone except the English to defend their homes and businesses and when did the English become fascists?  I think that’s a question to be directed to our government and our media who dictate the terms of engagement and write the language. Just a thought but ‘white’ doesn’t mean English.

What does NRI mean? Whatever it is, Keith Vaz says he’s pleased that no Indian people have been arrested as a result of the rioting/looting.

At least one of our government Ministers is out of the firing line – Andrew Mitchell has gone to Somalia to see how our Overseas Aid Budget is being spent and send a few photos home. Rest assured, it’s all good.

A man in his twenties has died after being tasered by police in Cumbria.

I’ve posted this one before but it bears repeating because it shows the lengths that some companies will go to in anticipating government diktats: Amazon bans sale of baseball bats in England.

Keep a watchful eye for THIS sort of reporting. The internet as a medium of communication is being vilified and will create calls for tight regulation, but it won’t be in our interests, it will be in theirs. And, yes, it is now ‘us and ‘them’; governments and people in opposition, worldwide.

On the bright side, America has the hope of Ron Paul, but it won’t last long – much like our UKIP.

I give up. Not only do we have Shari’a law in this country but we now have Hindu “Untouchables” as well. The Home Secretary, Theresa May is apparently “considering” whether to accommodate the Hindu Caste system into English law. When I say ‘English Law’ I use that term loosely.


It’s either a cocaine problem or he’s lying:

Here’s my favourite photo of the day, courtesy of @pperrin:


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