Some New Blogs

By which I mean blogs I’ve come across but aren’t on my blogroll simply for reasons of space – there are 60-odd on there already and they spat, differ and are confrontational enough, which is how we like it. I’ve been waiting for a few to die off at the bottom – those who haven’t posted for months and given a reason are automatically dumped – I do try to keep up – but there are more blogs springing to life than those dying.

The Purple Scorpion
Necessity is a Tyrant’s Cry
The Pro-choice Smoking Doctor
La Boca de la Cueva
The Grim Reaper Writes
Richard Calhoun
Mitchell-Images, who give us this pic of an ethnic minority being “escorted” by the police:

If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry – I’ll catch you next time round.


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