UKIP renew the attack

Not before time. I’ve been wondering where UKIP had gone lately, why they weren’t more vocal and taking advantage of the current state of the EU. Getting the message across to the British people should be like pushing on an open door yet it doesn’t translate into votes – mystifying. They’ve now teamed up with Jibba Jabba Productions to launch a series of promotional videos targeting a wider audience. The first, below, includes an interview with Lisa Duffy, the UKIP Mayor of Ramsey, who discusses the role of UKIP and its policies in local government. This focus on the domestic front will show people that UKIP isn’t only about EU withdrawal and that, when it comes to local and national elections, there is a viable alternative to the LibLabCon con.

Nigel Farage also has an interesting article in today’s Express.

“All the lessons that we learnt in the eighties appear to have been forgotten. If you cut tax rates, people work harder and end up paying more tax. People need incentives to get off benefits and back into work. If we raised the tax free allowance to £12,000 nobody on the minimum wage would pay tax.”

Here’s a graphic from yesterday’s DM showing the true level of current taxation:


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