Sunday Round-up

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Cameron writes in the Sunday Express. The cure for our ills: the ‘British Bill of Rights’ to replace the 1689 English Bill of Rights, a bike-repairing scheme for youngsters and fighting for changes to the ECHR from within Europe.

Icap will quit London if EU Financial Transaction Tax is implemented. Deutsche-Bank also warns of French & German bank exit from EU.

Newly-formed eurosceptic group to meet for first time next month and will no doubt go the way of all the other ‘eurosceptic’ groups.

The real Plastic Plod. “The sight of Sir Hugh on TV wearing the made-up uniform has bewildered and puzzled other senior officers. This uniform does not belong to any police force. It has no constitutional or legal basis, especially the hat he wears.”

Deadline for applications to succeed Met Commissioner extended. It seems no-one wants the job, prompting “scenes of panic at high levels of the government”.

200+ police officers caught accessing PNC illegal with some passing info to criminals.

Government & police study feasibility of shutting down communications during riots. It emerges that police considered shutting down Twitter but monitoring of info enabled them to better handle the riots and looting.

Court of Appeal makes it easier for paedophiles to see their children and weakens the ability of judges to place restrictions on access.

English students opt to study abroad. Foreign universities benefit from rising tuition fees and lack of places at British unis.

Overall student debt could rise to c.£200bn. English students forced to study abroad.

Local activists fight back against Lydd Airport expansion putting them at odds with local businesses. “We really need the airport to be developed. There’s no employment here for the youngsters; they’re leaving or causing trouble. The bank’s closed down and there are fewer shops. People do their shopping in Romney Marsh now. This town is dying.”

‘Spy in a bag’ inquest to go ahead without a jury.

A Lancashire council becomes first to abolish bin collections. Bin collection policy seems to be the only area where our feckless local authorities don’t want to copy the European model.

Notting Hill Riots Carnival given go-ahead as Met double police numbers to 20,000 and organisers moot a 7pm curfew.

Military top brass ‘using helicopters like taxis’. Under attack for setting a poor example of austerity cuts to the rank and file – pretty much like Civil Servants, MPs and Ministers generally:

MoT rules to be relaxed despite warnings of safety risks. Whatever they say you can bet it will end up ‘harmonised’ with the Continent.

Blair: Cameron shouldn’t play politics with the riots Pot, kettle, biscuit, takes.

Peter Hitchens: “The Great Faker”. “Mr Cameron also declared that ‘government cannot legislate to change behaviour’. This is both defeatist and untrue. The whole Fabian socialist project, which revolutionised our nation throughout the 20th Century and which eventually took over the Tory Party itself, was intended to change behaviour, and did so. So is the new programme which has replaced it, the politically correct drive for ‘equality and diversity’.”

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Cyril Ornadel, 1924 – 2011, RIP

Finally, a h/t to Vlad Tepes for this video about YouTube removing videos critical of Shari’a/Islam:


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