As fighting continues in Tripoli, it’s being reported by Sky that the South African Broadcaster, SABC, has announced that Angola has offered asylum to Gaddafi. You only need look at the Angolan flag to see how they suit each other and Angola is apparently creaking with oil and diamonds, though you wouldn’t know it from the destitution of the people.  Gaddafi will feel right at home there though I suspect he’d prefer to retire to London.

Pro-Gaddafi snipers are on the loose and tanks are still on the streets. Despite the fantastic display of celebratory fireworks in this part of London last night it looks as though it will be a few days before it all settles down and an interim government can be formed.

I hope the two pundits I heard on the radio this morning are wrong: they both predicted tribal conflict and a civil war.

I almost forgot THIS. It’s a statement from Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, welcoming the freedom and liberation of the Libyan people and ushering in a new era of democracy.

“Now is the time of democratic transition. Now is the time of parliaments and legislators. The European Parliament will continue supporting the Libyan people in their efforts of building a pluralist political landscape and in the preparation of the historic elections to come.

“The struggle against the regime might end today, but the struggle for democracy is only beginning. We have a responsibility to protect democracy.”

I’m sure you know what I think about that.


4 responses to “Karma

  1. They'll be joining the EUSSR before you know it!

  2. Yes, frying pan/fire – though I daresay even the EU wd seemlike heaven on earth in comparison to what they've been living under. Half of Libya seemed to be in London celebrating last night 🙂

  3. The EU should stick its nose out of our affairs and still more so the affairs of others.
    How long before that ridiculous Ashton woman starts wagging her fingers and telling the Libyans how to behave?

  4. Your prayers weren't answered, Banned. She was at it this morning – there's a link in my latest post.