Say ‘Hello’ To TASS

(… and Labour Party policy and Liberal Democrat Party policy).

Yes, it’s another acronym and therefore it must be EU-related.

Heathrow Airport is going to be the testing ground for the “Total Airport Security System” during Olympics 2012 but I’ve got news for Euro Correspondent: we’re not in the slightest bit surprised that we’re paying for it.

Why and how has this TASS consortium qualified for an EU research grant? As the article points out, the beneficiaries will be private mega-companies:

“The TASS consortium includes airport operator BAA, which is obviously in need of an EU hand out, having made a £200 million loss last year. But the lead roles are being taken by firms from Israel, not an EU country at last checking. VERINT Systems (Israel) will coordinate, while monitoring know-how will be provided by Elbit Security Systems. Elbit’s supply of surveillance cameras to the West Bank wall have led to it being dropped by some pension funds, and the Commission itself considers the separation barrier illegal where it is built on Palestinian land.

Considering that the project will result in a high-tech system that can profitably marketed to airports around the world, it is unclear why the Commission needs to fund it at all. Defence giant BAE Systems is also taking part, being clearly unable to fund research and development from its £1 billion 2010 profit. BAE is separately involved in 12 similar EU research projects, funded with another £71 million in taxpayers’ cash.”

Figures emerged last week to show that the basic tax rate, including Nat.Insurance, is 40+% and, according to the ASI, Tax Freedom Day is now the 30th May in Great Britain – that means we work a full five months before we earn any cash for ourselves.   I’d like to know exactly how much is siphoned off through the back door of Downing Street to the EU so that they can play Lord & Lady Bountiful to mega-rich multi-nats while our own people are told ‘we’re all in it together.’  My eye and Betty Martin we are.

I ask again, why are these private corporations being funded by taxpayers’ money which has been siphoned off to the EU by our pathetic shower of wastrels in the Westminster Executive?  The answer is, “Because they can; because we let them.”

My thanks to Max Farquar for this pic.


2 responses to “Say ‘Hello’ To TASS

  1. Last time I looked TASS was the acronym for the Soviet Unions main news agency or Purveyor of State Misinformaton and Lies.

  2. 🙂 Nice synchronicity there.