Jacqui In The Spotlight, Again

Trougher and former-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith  has rarely been off our airwaves since she failed to be re-elected in May 2010. She’s regularly hauled on as a pundit to comment on political programmes such as The Week, Question Time, Newsnight and The Daily Politics – it’s astounding how the BBC are doing their best to fill the gap in her income.

This week she’s a guest presenter on LBC Radio; yesterday I had the misfortune to catch her asking listeners to call in and tell her why the government should be more involved in controlling people’s health. Fortunately, from the half-hour segment I heard, most of the callers emphasised the need for personal responsibility and said the government should butt out of our lives. The only support she received was from a woman who ran some sort of charity for fatties that’s in danger of losing government/taxpayer funds.

She-who-should-be-shunned is making the news this morning instead of commenting on it. It seems that two convicts on day release to a local charity have been re-decorating her home instead of working on community projects. The prison is “launching an investigation” into how the charity sent them to do unpaid work at Smith’s home instead of benefiting the community at large.

Not much of a story I suppose, in that it won’t address the fundamental problem of the proliferation of these Fake Charities which in reality are nothing more than an arm of the State. but it does give another opportunity to watch the surly sow deliver her reluctant apology to Parliament:

UPDATE: It seems that Smith donated pot plants in return for the work on the house prior to renting it out.

4 responses to “Jacqui In The Spotlight, Again

  1. Yet another 'silly mistake', not noticing that her house is not a Community Care home covered in graffiti. Out for another freebie more like, don't hold your breath but the prison should disassociate itself from that 'charity'.

    Oh Jaqui, just like when you got caught out forgetting where you lived, paying a bit back does not excuse the crime and neither does making a donation to A Charity excuse yet another example of your debauched ongoing criminal behaviour.

  2. You could argue her “home” is in fact a lunatic asylum and rehab centre for porn addicts. Ergo, a justifiable bit of charity decorating. Or was their a degree of bush topiary going on?

  3. And just how much is this woman paying back? If less than the full commercial value of the work done, then she's not made proper restitution.

  4. All I can add is that this woman doesn't get what she deserves – she's still in demand on tv and radio. The msm don't reflect the views of the silent majority. Her constituents did the right thing when they didn't vote her back into office, the media just rub our noses in it.