The Killing Of A Dream

While Libya is in a state of uncertainty  and the Western Press and politicians continue to be both guarded and speculative, I just wondered if we’re missing something in the bigger picture:

December 2010: A young university-educated man, who could only find work as a market trader, torches himself in Tunisia after the police rescind his trader’s licence.
January 2011: A Coptic Church is bombed in a suicide attack in Egypt  and twenty-one people die.
January 2011: Protests about unemployment and the price of food begin in Algeria.
January 2011: Gaddafi condemns the uprising in Tunisia and first reports of unrest in Libya emerge.
January 2011: Protests begin in Yemen as opposition activists are jailed.
January 2011: A “Day of Rage” in Lebanon as people protest the appointment of a Hezbollah-backed successor to the PM.
January 2011: Unrest spreads to Jordan  and people take to the streets demanding “political change”.
January 2011: Gazans take to the streets to protest against ‘concessions’ to Israel in peace talks.
February 2011: Protests, conflict & negotiation continue in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen.
February 2011: Protesters killed by ‘Security Forces’ in Pearl Square, Bahrain at anti-government demonstrations.
March 2011: Protests begin in Iraq.
March 2011: Obama calls for Gaddafi to stand down after reprisals against protesters.
March 2011: UNSCR No. 1972 is passed and UK/France scramble to put together a no-fly zone.
March 2011: Saudi Arabian ‘Security Forces’ emerge to quell possible uprisings in major Saudi cities.
March 2011: More protests in Gaza.
March 2011: Protests spread to Iran.
March 2011: Morocco is swept up in the protests.
March 2011: Saudi Forces move into Bahrain to protect the Monarchy.  Protesters not killed begin to ‘disappear’. Bahraini protests are crushed.

For the remainder of March and to-date, the news has been pretty much full of Libya so here’s Bahrain’s story, and it doesn’t make comfortable reading.  Instead of watching Newsnight claptrap (the NATO spokeswoman was a peach) I suggest this, and while you’re watching, spare a thought for the US 5th Fleet:

British Treaties and the al-Khalifas

H/t to The Guardian for the graphic that helped me put together the timeline.


6 responses to “The Killing Of A Dream

  1. Great blog, I'll follow you!
    Cheers from Argentina.

  2. GV

    Powerful, powerful video I'm ashamed that our MSM has conveniently forgotten those poor people. I'm ashamed and disgusted that our government, particularly Bill 'Vague' Hague has chosen to forget the Bahrainies, in favour of a more glorious and more profitable uprising in Libya. Perhaps there is more oil to be had, and it doesn't upset a fellow 'Royal' family. BASTARDS.

  3. Interesting if partisan video from Al Jazera, well worth the 50 mins watching.
    I know little of the internal conflicts within Bahrain but two things strike me as being beyond the pale.
    1) Security forces targetting medical staff and patients
    2) Governments hireing foreign mercenaries to supress their own people.

    No doubt the evil and disgusting EU will have watched with interest as the Bahraini rulers called upon the combined military of the GCC to enforce their will.

    I was struck by the words of the post demonstration Government spokesman “We will find out who you are, we will hunt you down and we will punish you” (or words to that effect). They remind me of the words of another national leader from just a few days ago.

    @NewsboyCap, it's not so much about oil rather that Bahrain is the home base of the US 5th Fleet, there to contain Iran among other things. I have heard its commanding Admiral state that the internal affairs of his host nation are not his concern and that he would not intervene under any circumstances.

    If Bahrains conflict re-ignites and succeedes then I daresay that the 5th fleet will be looking for new home.

  4. Thank you, Humberto, and welcome. I wish my Spanish was better!

    @Newsboy, yes it was very moving but looking at the timeline and in light of all the other events happening, one has to ask just why was Libya jumped on so quickly. Bahrain is a strategic ally of the West as well as having plenty of oil.

    @Banned. Bahrain as the haven of the US 5th Fleet stands out like a sore thumb in all this. As well as the words of the govt spokesman I was struck by the similarity between the State tv logo (red/white world) and the BBC News' own logo (red/white revolving world). I think low-level demos are still happening but they receive very little support or coverage over here – almost as if it never happened.

    It's ironic that today Theresa May is meeting with twitter, blackberry & facebook reps to discuss the role of social networks in riot situations when the first hint protesters in Pearl Square had that something big was about to kick off was when they couldn't get signals on their mobiles.

  5. Hell of a video GV, thanks for finding it…it is obvious to anyone with an awake brain that TPTB are carving up the world amongst themselves and will brook no interference from mere people…no wonder they want us all disarmed.
    I was struck by the fact that Bahrain seems to be a sort of halfway house between Libya and here, where the government is in favour the protestors are relegated to criminal scum, where they want a change of government the protestors are elevated to 'freedom fighters'.
    The MSM are corrupt and in thepockets of the rich, when they find out how to cut our comunications (phones, internet etc.) then we will really be in deep trouble, it is well pat time that 'they' were brought to trial to pay for their murders and lies! Where are we to find a voice that will be heard by the sleepwalkers?

  6. Hi, Seudenimon, it is incredible, isn't it – really well put together and totally compelling. These uprisings do bring out the schizophrenic tendency in governments – they base their decisions about whether they're 'good' or 'bad' on many criteria and they interfere only when it suits their political agenda. I wish they could be more altruistic – find a moral path and stick to it no matter the consequences.