Did You Know…

… that this week is UN-designated “Water and Forest Week”? No? Shame on you for not keeping up with Our Master’s Voice.

F/it – don’t they realise that the more they interfere, the worse it gets? I wouldn’t mind so much if their advice was restricted to those countries that need it, say, Brazil or the Singing Sands of the Empty Quarter, but no, they inflict the outcome of their workshops on us too in a one-for-all & all-for-one mentality, just like the euro. When will they learn that it’s impossible to ‘harmonise’ landscapes from different geographic areas, just as it’s impossible to ‘harmonise’ the people of disparate continents.

Our streams and woodlands have thrived through centuries of municipal neglect and given untold enjoyment to millions of people.



2 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. It's been getting worse every year in the western states.

  2. Their constant meddling is ruinous all round, Trestin – bad for us and bad for the environment. Why can't they just let things 'be' – then they could stand back and watch them flourish. (They'd also be out of a job and payola).