How To Harangue Leftie-Style

And get thrown out on your @rse:

H/t: It don’t make sense

At least this woman with many sisters, brothers and uncles isn’t my next-door neighbour.

You know exactly what the reaction would have been had she been a member of the EDL calling for the withdrawal from sale of halal products.


6 responses to “How To Harangue Leftie-Style

  1. They should've kicked her arse while they were at it.

  2. From her accent this woman sounds like a white convert to the religion of peace so lecturing the originals really is a bit rich.

  3. Hi McG – I think the shop-owner was tempted. She sounds like a real fanatic.
    If she was, that would be positively surreal, Banned. Hard to tell from accents but you're right, she does.

  4. Hadn't realised you could get Israeli dates but will certainly try to buy some after that.

    “Why are you in a haram country ?”

  5. A grotesque waste of female genitalia.

  6. I think that's a first on this blog for 'genitalia', OR. I'm just glad I don't know her 🙂