Only Forty-two Jailed

According to BBC News the Met Police have done a good job in catching more than 2,000 rioters/looters of whom 1,135 have been charged.

954 have already appeared in Court;
82 have been sentenced;
42 given a prison term;
57 unaccounted for in the system;
865 caught but not charged.

I assume from the figures that some are out on bail, rather than on remand, pending a Crown Court hearing. The Courts could be awaiting Reports from social workers and the like before sentencing and others escaped with only a Caution. Who knows what goes on in the minds of some of our ipsy-dipsy Magistrates and the CPS these days.

It’s time our Courts and the CPS did their job too and backed up the Police on something like this. It was, after all, widely acknowledged by government and politicians to be unprecedented – so let’s have some ‘unprecedented’ sentences.

Was this riot, arson and looting or a cheeky bit of opportunistic shoplifting and little boys playing with matches? 865 not charged seems to suggest the latter.

And where is Ken Clarke, by the way?


2 responses to “Only Forty-two Jailed

  1. And that is before the appeals get under way.

  2. Hi Banned, thats true, but I didn't want the post to sound too downbeat 😉 Some are complaining abt a man who, a/c to the papers, licked an ice cream and was sentenced to 6 months – he didn't just lick it, he broke into the store and stole it in the middle of a riot. There's a difference. If the media had their way, in 6 months time we'd all be feeling sorry for these wasters.