Not a happy bunny

Sorry, but it’s the end of a rotten week and the beginning of a rotten Bank Holiday weekend. Adding insult to injury are the following websites:

“You don’t bomb a ‘captured’ city”
C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight
Did NATO stage the Green Square celebration?
Simon Jenkins is a ‘tin foiler’ too

I’m afraid I’m just left with an overwhelming feeling of ‘What’s the Point?’ On and on and on we go but it’s still the LibLabCon con in govt and UKIP and other Parties are nowhere, yet the Greens managed to get Caroline Lucas into Parliament at the last GE.  How?  We’re still taxed to the hilt so they can inflict their UN-mandated programmes on us to send us to perdition and back to be taxed all over again.

To be a traitor isn’t to betray one’s countrymen; to be a traitor is to betray the Crown and nation and that’s not the same thing. It’s late in the day to bring the majority round to our way of thinking.  Look at the years of education they’ve had and look at the National Curriculum. Look at the Justice system where Life for murder no longer means Life but is at the discretion of an unelected nobody who thinks a murderer is fit to be released back into society again. Our neighbours could be rapists, youths on ASBOs, paedophiles and murderers – all released into “the Community” by government policy. ‘Communities’ is a word I’m tired of hearing; it speaks of division and estrangement rather than cohesion.

We’ve been attacked mentally and physically by tptb and it shows in our feeble resistance to their policies. We’re split and fighting each other instead of looking at the bigger picture and the real architects.

It’s Them & Us – the government, their minders, the people they’ve turned -v- Us. We’re outnumbered, out-shouted and dying.  I’m English: my country will never be the same again without violence, pogroms and deportations.  See how low we are; how low we are brought.

Watch these tonight, if you can, rather than Newsnight:

Divide & Rule: 1911 debate
The Council House: Mid 18thC onwards

Once again, I find myself back at Square One.


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