Two Roberts & A Jean

I suppose that Cameron, like his predecessors, doesn’t have much time for reading the little things such as history books or Treaties. To think that our way of life, our national sovereignty and the woes of the euro can be laid at the feet of three men and their little helpers:

Robert Schuman:

“By pooling basic production and by instituting a new High Authority, whose decisions will bind France, Germany and other member countries, this proposal will lead to the realization of the first concrete foundation of a European federation indispensable to the preservation of peace.”

Jean Monnet:

“There will be no peace in Europe if the States rebuild themselves on the basis of national sovereignty, with its implications of prestige politics and economic protection (…). The countries of Europe are not strong enough individually to be able to guarantee prosperity and social development for their peoples. The States of Europe must therefore form a federation or a European entity that would make them into a common economic unit.”

And three links for Nobel Laureate:

Robert Mundell

Robert Mundell

Robert Mundell:

“To pull the euro area out of crisis, policies are needed for the short run, intermediate run and long run.”


2 responses to “Two Roberts & A Jean

  1. “by instituting a new High Authority,” of undemocratic statist despots bit missing there. Any fool who believes dictatorship by an elite bunch of cretinous, ghastly chancers, is a path to a peaceful future, is mad as Adolf was. My belief is the rioting of two weeks ago would look like a tea party compared to this nightmare scenario.

  2. It will, OR, if only because tptb are gearing up and looking into ways to control protests. It was interesting to hear the Met say water cannon were appropriate for static demonstrations rather than riot situations. How would you like to be standing silently in Whitehall but holding a placard denouncing the EU and the British govt? I wonder if the Met really would open fire with water cannon in that situation.