For The Record

Two people have told me how disappointed they are with the paltry number of signatories to the Daily Express e-petition for an in/out referendum on the EU so I’m posting this for the record. I reckon that if I know of two, you probably know of two as well, and so on, so spread the word.

The Daily Express, who instigated the e-petition, will be adding their paper signatures to the total – and apparently they already have in the region of 70,000 paper signatures. The e-petition has a truly measly 23,000 but add those to the ones already collected and we’re nearly there.

Read the article linked to above; it’s there in black and white amidst all the hype. Just keep pushing the link below. There’s an e-petition from me on the website too, but there’s no point pushing that or any of the others because that will simply fragment the votes. The one below is the petition to push.

Once the 100,000 barrier is breached more people will be aware of what this government is made of (blancmange).   It’s no good sitting back and saying the government have no intention to pull us out of the EU so there’s no point signing: prove that the government are a waste of space by signing it and making them confront it.  It’s time the issue was forced and we’re nearly there.

We demand an In/Out Referendum on the EU


4 responses to “For The Record

  1. Nearly there? the petition isn't even a quarter of the way there.

    I signed it soon after it went live. Other petitions have reached the target, despite not being online for as long, or having the support of a national newspaper.

  2. Didn't you read the post and link, Senior? The Daily Express has said that the government will allow the signatures from their own online petition AND the paper signatures to be added to the e-petition I linked to.

  3. Glad to hear that, GV, I had a feeling that Cameron would try to avoid adding the Express signatures – I still won't be able to bring myself to believe it until they are on there in black and white.

  4. Hi Spidie – no, I won't believe it either but it's worth publicising because of the reasons I gave in the post.