Blast From The Past

Quite literally. This is in memory of Sgt John MacAleese who led the SAS team that ended the siege at the Iranian Embassy thirty-one years ago.  I’m sure it wasn’t the only brave act he did in his life but it’s the only one the BBC have captured on film.

The video is age-restricted by YouTube but there are many more shorter clips and longer documentaries if you want to delve. I chose this one because it also shows the change in delivery of BBC News over thirty years.

Daily Telegraph obituary

As an aside, I can’t see this happening today. No recent Prime Minister has had the bottle and the BBC has become an interpreter of news rather than a reporter.

Sgt MacAleese comforts his family as his son’s body passes through Wootton Bassett in 2009.


2 responses to “Blast From The Past

  1. RIP Sgt John MacAleese

    Anyone with an accent like Jan Leeming would not be allowed to clean the toilets of the vile and disgusting BBC these days, let alone present the news.

    30 years ago at 9.40pm I would have been on my way to the pub and so missed that broadcast. I used to religiously watch the 6.45 BBC news (following on from The Magic Roundabout) and then the weather. These days both the
    BBC news and their weather are so often innacurate as be to not worth watching, so I don't.

  2. The presentation was quite markedly different – it didn't seem so dumbed down or patronising – and those accents! It was only thirty years ago too.