Sunday Round-up

The Sunday papers seem to be doing a re-run of April Fool’s Day today and, as usual, it’s read-the-small-print time.

Potential recruits to the EDL are being targeted by security forces in the same way as those under the influence of Islamic extremism.

Zil lanes revealed for Olympics 2012.

  • Along the Olympic routes all non-Olympic traffic, including private cars, lorries, buses and taxis, will have to use the bus lane. The outside lane will be reserved for Olympic officials.
  • Transport chiefs will remove pedestrian crossings along the route to make way for the VIP lanes.
  • Right turns will be banned on junctions on the route to ensure traffic does not hold up the Olympic dignitaries.

The DfID lose millions on the currency markets. Conservatives still blaming Labour.

Want an interest-free loan? Become an MP.

Group of doctors won’t give up on judicial challenge on government refusal to hold Dr David Kelly inquest.

The future of the Union: Scottish writers give their opinions. ‘I want Scotland to be Scottish through and through. I hate to hear English accents in the shops there’.

Housing development companies are sitting on land to await changes to the Planning laws. Much of it is on Green Belt and currently lacks planning permission.

Energy companies buy US mobile radar systems to overcome military objections to wind farms.

Fail. Labour’s plan of attack on Cameron – to label him “right-wing”. Are they deaf and blind as well as daft.

Nothing here we didn’t already know – but Cameron apparently had no idea of the scale when he made his so-called ‘pledge’. New pumps for petrol stations:

‘Already, the sheer volume of new rules from the EU has forced David Cameron to abandon his plan to make departments scrap a regulation every time they want to introduce a new one.’

Financial meltdown is a “beneficial crisis”:

It might come as a surprise, then, after such turmoil in the financial world and the ugly riots in the streets of Athens, to realise that in the eyes of those Eurocrats who inhabit the Brussels bubble, things are going pretty well.

That’s because the present euro crisis is an inevitable consequence of a deliberate choice. For them it is all part of a greater long-term project: a ‘beneficial crisis’ that will help hasten their ultimate goal of a federal European state.

The Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Bill will be debated next month and promises tougher measures against convicts.

£1m benefit fraudster & illegal immigrant can’t be deported back to Nigeria because of his Human Rights.

Smith’s husband in touting for work row as his ‘Consultancy’ offers to work for MPs.

Smith’s consultancy work includes one-to-one mentoring and should be reported under the Trades Description Act for also offering: “witty, thoughtful and intelligent after dinner speeches”.

Curiosity stirred and questions raised about Mandelson’s business dealings as he does a Blair.

Supermarket managers to be sent into potential riot areas to provide guidance & assistance.

Finding it hard to feel sympathy for this one: Rioters targeted by other prisoners

Rubber bullets used on French revellers in Spain but the article still blames the Brits.

America Live updates on Irene.

One liners:
No chat please, we’re nurses
Health & Safety hits Windsor Castle
Infantilism and emotional claptrap
Welsh: “an appalling and moribund monkey language, which hasn’t had a new noun since the Middle Ages”
£80 fine for “attack” with foam string

Sgt John McAleese, RIP


3 responses to “Sunday Round-up

  1. I must admit we purposely avoided living on the coast because of revelling drunks. I can confirm however, they are of ALL NATIONALITIES. Britons are a huge source of revenue for the hospitality industry here as you know. So it is safe to assume that a large proportion of those that get blind drunk are Britons.

    As soon as you get inland, things totally change. Lots of people get drunk here, all nationalities, at the weekend but everyone has a great time.

  2. Rubber bullets on drunks seem a bit ott though, don't they? In the article it said the majority of those arrested were French but it then went on to criticise the British. We're just in the habit of kicking ourselves when we're down.

  3. Assaulted rioters “There seems to be no education or training.” There never is for those on remand.

    New regulations for fuel pomps. That will be at the behest of Tesco, Shell, BP and the other big players to get rid of the few remaining small suppliers that managed to survive the last tranche of regulation about 15 years ago.

    Olympic lanes; we just know that will be a major FUBAR; poor old Isle of Dogs, all those bankers cut off; anyone know where to get one of those transpnders used by bus drivers to change the traffic lights?