Got the Blues

I’ve got the blues: a black dog, monkey on my back sort of day and, as usual, the monkey is politics.

The people we’re helping
The people who “rule” us
The people who write in newspapers
Surprise, surprise
Arrested for “lack of common sense” in the US

The front pages:

The Daily Express
The Guardian
The Sun
The Independent
The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Mail

I mustn’t forget The Daily Star.  Eighty-eight MPs signed an EDM calling on the BBC to include the DS in their regular newspaper reviews.  The EDM itself, put forward by Ian Lavery MP, has gone awol.  EDMs cost an average of £290 each and are essentially puff pieces for MPs to raise their own profile in the HoC: there were 1428 in the 2009-10 session of Parliament.

It’s a rare occasion if the msm reports what the independent blogs report. THIS, is the most recent example – it’s mentioned nowhere in the msm.  Not only do the press not report fully or without bias but they disseminate “untruths”. Untruths are leftie-lie-speak, but we don’t like lies, no-one ever lies; so they just forget to tell us things.

There’s too much ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’, too many pendulums. We don’t need winding up, only to be ‘saved’ by government intervention, and wound down again.  If you look closely at the news we’re often presented with horrific scenarios juxtaposed with heart-melting animal or children stories: our 4th Estate has become the Mills & Boon of news reporting.

We live in a country that seems to be in perpetual fear of others and a permanent state of outrage, not only ready to take the slightest offence but actively looking for reasons to be offended and encouraged to do so by regulation and law.  People aren’t afraid of their government, they’re afraid of each other.  This needs to be turned on its head so that the government is afraid of the people because, after all, we do elect them and pay them to represent us.

Ultimately, people need to know the facts so they can make “an informed decision” (that’s a great phrase by the way and much loved of Lefties when talking about public services and ‘localism’).  When was the British electorate last able to make “an informed decision”?

Shock, horror, outrage? By all means, but the government says: just so long as it isn’t shock at innocent people dying from tasering; be horrified, as long as it isn’t at NHS neglect; be outraged, as long is it isn’t at government vacuity, incompetence and dereliction of duty.

One of the best posts this week is THIS, which highlights the disparity between those who rule and those who do not.  It’s time more people knew about paedophilia in high places.

I also liked THIS and  THIS very much.  The UAF forgot Pastor Neimoller’s words.

“Any time you’re thinking evil, you’re thinking about the blues.”


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