Free Ron Paul!

Free Ron Paul to have a clear, unfettered run to the White House.

By all accounts the US msm has been very derogatory about Paul and haven’t given equal billing or air-time to his views, even though he’s supported by a large swathe of Americans. We find the same over here.

He doesn’t have gigantic amounts of corporate cash paid into his campaign fund and he doesn’t rely on vested interests to scratch his back all the way into the White House: he relies on individual donations from ordinary people to fund his campaign. Watch the video and you’ll see why he appeals so much – and why he’s being blocked. I wonder how many other ‘Ron Paul’s’ there are waiting to break through?

This also begs the question of the way we fund political parties here. I’m certainly in favour of open primaries and candidates raising cash by their own efforts and the appeal of their policies. The funding of Parties by corporate vested interests or Union vested interests isn’t the right way to do things – and neither is state funding. I don’t see why I should be forced to pay towards the electioneering & sustenance of a Party with whose policies I disagree. Like funding for charities and overseas aid, it should be a free choice of each individual.

Cameron, of course, was all in favour of open primaries and said they were the way forward for a more open & transparent British politics. That was until the first ever OP threw up a candidate he didn’t like. Needless to say, OPs are now off the Conservative agenda.


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