On Being ‘Twitterised"

I resisted twitter to the last
‘Til Witterings said, “Get off your @rse
Get thee tweeting
Get thee hence.”
That, at least, is my defence.

“Something must be done,” prodded Getattit of North London, and I faced up to what had happened. Instead of book-marking EU events for the blog I’ve been tweeting them and sitting back with a grateful sigh, thinking ‘job done’.  Except, it’s not.

There’s also been an element of the EU being in the mainstream consciousness at last.  Except, it’s not.

No mainstream media has actually spelled out to the British people what has infected our lives; no-one’s spelled out the role of the Fabians, Soros or the UN. None have spoken about Agenda 21, the role of our own Health & Safety Executive, the proliferation of quangos, the coming NWO or the EU proto-type.

If the EU is a proto-type then Great Britain and Northern Ireland have been the testing ground – and how easily we’ve let them walk all over us. We’ve been a pushover for subversives, fabians and infiltrators or, rather, our governments have; those we’ve elected to represent us have rolled over and we haven’t complained. On the contrary, we keep voting them in to government. People still think of politics in terms of the LibLabCon but those Parties created our country the way it is today so how can they possibly have the answers to its correction?

They can’t.  They’ll lie, deceive, manipulate, spin – call it what you will, the end result will be the same, ie more of the policies that have brought us to where we are now.

David ‘same destination, different path’ Cameron, David ‘Sour Little Englanders’ Cameron, David ‘in Europe but not run by Europe’ Cameron, David ‘I give you this cast-iron guarantee’ Cameron may be fit for the common purpose but he isn’t fit for ours, not if we want to regain our national sovereignty rather than be ruled from Brussels.

We wouldn’t be too small to cope on our own. The Scots, Welsh, English and Ulstermen have always been resilient together in a Union. We’ll bounce back from this onslaught too, even if we’re completely overwhelmed, we’ll still come back. It will never be over. Nationalism isn’t a dirty word and neither is euro-sceptic (though the likes of Hannan and Carswell muddy the waters).  Euro-sceptics used to be anti-EU and withdrawalist but the word has been taken over, as so many are, by the subversives and infiltrators.  The professional euro-sceptics have shown their colours over the years and it’s probably best to ignore them.  I include UKIP in this.  I see no sign of UKIP trying to raise their profile or get their message across to voters.

The EU’s plans for a devolved UK have already gone ahead: the Scots, the Welsh and Northern Irish all think they can glimpse a sort of freedom from the so-called English yoke, but it’s an illusion. The English are discovering that political freedom is an illusion too and I tell you this: I’d rather be an Englishman in an independent and sovereign England than a part of a devolved Region overseen by an anti-democratic, unelected so-called, self-styled elite in Belgium with the strings being pulled by France and Germany, or any other country.

The feeling here in Muswell Hill Towers is that things have just gone too far now. When the blog started it was a warning, but it’s too late now for any sort of democratic measure. That’s what’s so sad and why my heart hasn’t been in blogging lately.  At the risk of repeating myself.


9 responses to “On Being ‘Twitterised"

  1. Thanks for the 'sort of' name check, GV.

    Witterings, he say:

    It never can be the end
    Till your knee, in submission, doth bend,
    Calling England will never cede
    At least, I hope on that we are agreed,
    So no more the vision of cowering dog
    But off your @rse and back to blog!

  2. GV, your work is very much appreciated. It is our duty to soldier on even when it may seem pointless. Our time is coming, it really is.

  3. @ WfW – no, you'll never be on the shortlist for Poet Laureate.
    @ OldRightie – Thank you, OR. Perhaps my Yorkshire way of talking doesn't translate into blog-speak – my fault. In short “Never Surrender” and “No pasaran”

  4. Oh c'mon GV, it was a 'reasonable' effort?…….!

    To produce rhyme 'burns' within all of us….. 🙂

  5. Sorry – can't resist a challenge

    Not to outdo our good friend Wittering,

    But we must try, by blog or twittering,

    To voice our discontent and anger,

    Shake this nation from its languor.

    Keep informed, expose the sham,

    Eddy, Cleggy, ‘Cast Iron’ Cam.

    No “quietly into the night” for we,

    We “band of brothers” and you GV.

    Fingers raised to the Brussels whores.

    Keep on bloggin, EU – up yours.

  6. @BJ: Show-Off! 😦

    “Not to outdo our good friend Wittering” – You just did!

    Damn good effort, regardless – and far better than mine! Well done!

  7. Just trying to cheer GV up WfW

  8. I've been feeling very much like you, GV, you may have noticed I haven't been posting much recently. It gets very frustrating saying the same things over and over again to thick skulls, deaf ears and and idiots who think we're all “conspiracy theorists” – by the time they realise it's not a theory it will be too late.

    The time for talking is over, it's time to take action or be trampled even further underfoot by the PTB.

  9. Thanks, BJ – good effort there – particularly anger and languor. MrW's talents obviously lie elsewhere – spends too much time twittering if you ask me 🙂

    Hi Spidie, I think the time for talk is over too. I guess it comes to all of us in the end – Faustie only blogs occasionally now, but at least she's still around which is better than nothing.