Never A Truer Word

A senior research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, has said that there is no reason for some EU member states, such as Poland, Romania, Lithuania, to be concerned about the number of nationals moving to other areas of the EU.  In a new Report he says that there is nothing wrong with depopulation and that wherever they go, people are still EU property citizens.

He gives an intriguing answer when asked about the dangers of a brain-drain:

Asked if Eastern European EU newcomers were suffering from a brain drain, Kaczyński insisted that a distinction should be made between different categories of nationals who choose to live in another EU country.

“The term ‘brain drain’ applies when there is brains. We cannot speak of a ‘brain drain’ of unqualified labour,” he said.

So he reckons it’s a good thing for countries to ship their dross overseas in search of a better or easier life while they concentrate resources on providing the very best training for their up-and-coming professional classes and keep them at home.  It’s a shame Mr Kaczynski doesn’t spare a thought for those EU member states that are the recipients of their unwanted flotsam and jetsam.

Judging from the rest of his interview the man is obviously an ardent Federalist; according to him, nothing matters except that you are the property a citizen of the EU and therefore anywhere in Europe is your home, complete with voting rights.


7 responses to “Never A Truer Word

  1. Trouble is, with our benefit system, we end up with the dross!

  2. That's what I had in mind, Sue 🙂

  3. To be fair, our local hotel and restaurant sectors would have collapsed years ago without east European workers willing to work for the minimum wage and I don't see them queuing outside JobCentre Plus for the free money. That latter role seems reserved for local born untermensch with their baseball caps, shouting at their dogs and pointing at thier womenfolk.

    Blimey, nearly forgot! I am not a citizen of the EU since they did not ask my permission and I would not have given it had they done so.

  4. Our root problem is schooling. Oh – and this celebrity-worship so beloved by some youngsters.

    And, yes, you are. Did you know that you can relinquish your British passport/citizenship but still remain an EU citizen? You can't do it the other way round though. It's in Hansard & on the blog, somewhere…

  5. GV

    Any idea where on Hansard?

  6. Hi DP111 – yes, and post with links coming up any …minute… now 🙂