EuroStar Fail

Whoever at EuroStar thought it was a good idea to refuse to accept Sterling in the trains’ buffet cars needs his/her head examining. The company has just finished a 7-day experiment to “gauge customers’ reactions” to paying for refreshments in euros only.

As Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London, said: “It would mean we couldn’t use our own currency on a train in our own country …”

I’m only surprised that the trial lasted as long as it did and that passengers didn’t riot. In fact, I’m quite disappointed that other British passengers didn’t kick up more of a stink about this proposal.

I’d like to implement a 7-day trial on EuroStar: gather together all the europratocracy and stick them on the trains, in the tunnels, with as many croissants and cups of coffee as they like, and then seal both ends.   For on-board entertainment they’d be restricted to an endless loop of “I know what you did last Summer” and “Above us the Waves”.



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