Post Of The Week

Post of the Week comes from The Blog that Peter Wrote. ‘Peter’ celebrates the Youth Music Theatre UK and the endeavours of Janusz Korczak, a Polish Jewish doctor who was running an orphanage in Warsaw at the outbreak of WWII, when he was sixty-one years old.

Korzack himself was given the opportunity (by some accounts twice) to escape the Ghetto immediately before the deportation and save his own life. Instead he took the cattle train from the Warsaw “Umschlagplatz” with his orphans for the 100 km journey out to the (even today) incredibly remote camp known as Treblinka.

It’s a wonderful, fascinating and very moving post. It’s particularly apt today.


2 responses to “Post Of The Week

  1. Moving story, well worth reading 'though I won't be going to the show.

  2. An interesting juxtaposition of a musical and real events, especially on such a topic. I thought it was done really well but I won't be going to the show either.