The Bruges Group has set out its response to David Lidington’s assertion that Britain benefits from being a member of the EU. It’s a good document that answers his six main claims point by point. Here’s a snippet from Lidington’s original letter to Philip Davies MP:

Those pesky PIIGS, no matter how much money is thrown at them they just don’t get any better. Zero Hedge has the latest.

Stand back for the next wave of immigration. “Although these are EU deals, the UK is the main and willing target for the Mode 4 concessions. Thus it is UK workers who will pay the price.”

Honesty, transparency and democracy aren’t their watchwords. The Commission has blocked scrutiny of IT fiasco. “It also admitted to having 2,498 different business systems performing just 15 different business functions”. And these are the people who think they were born to rule the world. Numpties.

TFA spells out in plain English exactly what’s entailed in getting an e-petition debated in the European Parliament. The Citizens’ Initiative: “flagship of the Lisbon Treaty”.

Barroso and Hedegaard set out their Autumn holiday schedule. There’s also an EU Youth Conference in Warsaw this week “to re-engage with young people in order to encourage them to get more involved in civic and political life” [and stop rioting].

Bundesbank unhappy – presumably because it’s full of sour krauts. Sorry – hat, coat, get.

For all the economists and moneymen out there, here are details of the EU’s MiFID: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Wake up at the back, Osborne!

Italy isn’t flavour of the month with Berlusconi as he’s caught on tape saying it’s sh!tty and makes him feel sick.

Government cuts to Armed Forces vindicated and military breathe a sigh of relief as it’s announced that Czechs will provide 350 personnel for an EU Battlegroup. Phew! For a minute I thought Britain would be left defenceless by the decimation of her Armed Forces.

Troika talks with Greece “did not break down”, repeat did not break down: “It’s just a technical aspect”.

More tests have been carried out on energy-saving light bulbs “The carbon footprint of manufacturing, distribution and disposal of a compact fluorescent bulb is far greater than the energy usage of a standard bulb. There is a health issue in disposing of them but also for people who work under them. The EU is treating us like children.” The manufacturers are also taking us for a ride – Cost of CFLs is soaring

They said farewell to their government more than a year ago and now it’s bye-bye to Miss Belgium as their national identity “disintegrates”.

Let me hear you say, “Yeah”: The first European Roma Pride Day will be held in Bulgaria in October.

At last, from the DT: “Britain can only grow if we ignore the EU”. The article goes on to say, “This has been a serious failure of leadership” but then spoils it all by calling Osborne a eurosceptic.


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